So, what happens when you take the beloved Burpee and combine it with the Muscle Up?

Well, you get one hell of a bodyweight only combo.

Burpee Pull ups are one thing, but how about Burpee Muscle Ups?

Now we’re talking 😉muscle ups

When it comes to overall bang for your buck, The Burpee takes the cake in regards to being the best overall full body movement for pure conditioning.

If you’re more of a beginner, it can act as a solid strength movement as well.

However, when it comes to overall strength and power, nothing compares to the Muscle Up.

Either on a bar or a set of rings, I feel the muscle up is hands down the BEST upper body based movement that not only requires a solid amount of strength, but upper body power as well.

Strict Muscle Up are by far the BEST variation when it comes strict upper body strength, but we’re talking about bar and ring Muscle Ups here where you use your hips to power yourself up and over the bar.

Call em’ a “Crossfit Muscle Up” if you want, but guess what…

Muscle Ups were around way BEFORE Crossfit was ever around so just because they use Muscle Ups in “WODS” doesn’t mean that Crossfit invented it.

Someone once try to tell me that and I almost had to hit them upside the head to knock some sense into them, but that’s neither here or there…

Doing “power” muscle ups is way more efficient then doing strict muscle ups which is why you see athletes use them in Crossfit-like workouts and competitions

If you’re going for time, efficiency is everything.

Anyways, I like to call these “power” muscle ups because you use your hips to power over the bar.

This requires that you be able to generate a lot of explosion from your hips which also means you need to be somewhat athletic.

It’s the same type of hip motion required for Olympic Lifting and jumping where you must “triple extend” with a lot of force.

If you’re able to crank out muscle ups on a set of rings or even a bar, you know what I’m talking about.

Bottom line is, I LOVE MUSCLE UPS.

Strict, power, ring, bar, or even “cliff” muscle ups, I love em’ in all ways, shapes, and forms.

But, what if you can’t yet do Bar Muscle Ups?

Well, it’s just a simple matter of PROGRESSION.

Here’s your quick progression list for Bar Muscle Ups:

  1. Strict Chin Above The Bar Pull Ups
  2. Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  3. Kipping Pull Up
  4. Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up
  5. Kipping Belly To Bar Pull Up
  6. Kipping Bar Muscle Up

And here ‘s some extra tips just because…

***When building more strict strength with your pull ups, make sure to add in LOTS of rowing movements in as well.

***Make sure to use a wide variety of different pull up and row variations when you train – just don’t always do the same variation every set or session.

Now that I’ve expressed my undying love for muscle ups and why their so badass, let’s get the this week’s Thursday Throwdown shall we…

It’s simple.

30 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups for Time

Here’s how it went down…

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So let’s see what YOU got!

If you don’t yet have Muscle Ups, crank Pull Ups.

If you don’t yet have Pull Ups, GET STRONGER!

It’s always a work in progress to get STRONGER and better.

Just don’t ever settle for WEAK.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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