So while out in Las Vegas a few weeks ago for a weekend filled with powerful meetings, I decide to go out onto the strip with a few of my friends to see who we could gather up to do a quick $20 Burpee Challenge.

This is what went down…

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A few tings from this…

#1- Not many people know what the hell a BURPEE is…

#2 – Not many people willing to do a short bit of exercise for $20

#3 – It’s HARD to get people to do Burpees especially when they know what Burpees are!

As you saw, we were able to con a group of kids into doing my little challenge.

The winner was able to complete his 20 burpees in just under a minute.

While not every rep was perfect or should have counted, we were nice and gave it to him for his 110% H.A.M. effort.

In my gym, the fastest time yet for 20 burpees is 42 secs.

Not bad!

Now the challenge is for YOU to see what you can get done.

Do 20 burpees as fast as you can and see what type of time you can get away with.

Anything under a minute with LEGIT form and technique I say is damn good.

So, this means chest to floor, core tight, jump at the top…

Crank it out and let me know in the comments how you do.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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