One of the best ways we train for both strength and conditioning all at the same time is what I like to call, “Strength/Cardio”

This is a something we’ve been doing at my gym, The Forged Athlete now for a long time and the results that this style of training has produced has been amazing.

In short, “Strength/Cardio” in a nutshell is a unique blend of different weighted carries mixed in with different types of conditioning focused movements.

This combination is deadly in regards to keeping and getting you STRONGER while also getting you into better overall shape.

To give you a better idea of what we do for these, here’s a few of my favorite movements.

1 – The “Farmer Rack”
2 – Sandbag Loaded KB Rack Walk
3 – The Overhead Farmer Walk

Here’s a quick demo video to help go over the main details…

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Bottom line is, these 3 variations are nasty and extremely effective just on their own, but if you want to crank things up to the next level, this is where you can add in other conditioning type work in make these even more brutal.

That’s where the REAL “Strength/Cardio” comes in…

Now, to give you a good feel for this type of set up, here’s the latest “Strength/Cardio” circuit we cranked out at the gym…

For Time:

a) 400m Run
b) YOUR CHOICE (Farmer Racks / SB Loaded KB Rack / Overhead Farmers) x 100 ft per side)
c) 200m Run
d) YOUR CHOICE (use the SAME movement you selected for b) ) x 100ft per side
e) 400m Run
f) YOUR CHOICE (use the SAME movement you selected for b) ) x 100 ft per side

Let me tell ya, this gets NASTY but it’s damn good for ya 😉

And if you at all concerned about losing strength or muscle while adding in more conditioning, this style of “weighted conditioning” will help destroy that fear.

And there’s a whole lot more from where this came from.

The different types of carry’s I shared with you above are only a few of TONS of different variations you can use.

And, if you want to crank things up even more, you can add in sleds.

That’s when things get real interesting.

So, go ahead and give those “Strength/Cardio” routines a run through and let me know how it goes.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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