I want to introduce you to my buddy Jason Klein who’s got an awesome little “bodyweight revolution” movement he started.

A while back I caught up with my buddy via an Aggressive Strength Talk session where we got to talking about a lot of different things.

Make sure to watch the video below or download the mp3 and listen to it.

What you’ll discover within this strength talk…

  • How Jason was a TOP strength coach for the Navy…
  • How Jason trained a whole crew of ship-men inside an actual submarine
  • How Jason’s managed to fight back against a nasty upper back degeneration disease to stay lean and strong (NO EXCUSES!)
  • Plus more

Check it out…


Make sure to check out Jason’s unique style of bodyweight training via his Lean Body Revolution Training System

This method of training will get you seriously shredded up and in shape.

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Live and Train Aggressive!