When Your Mind Gets Weak – Your Body Gets Tired…

This is all the reason to have a strong mind –  you must have mental strength.

Focus, determination, perseverance, and straight up GUTS!

Sometimes you’ve got to dig deep into somewhere you never thought you had.

This is where the real PERSON within yourself is found!

I found a different person in me today.

More about that in a sec…

I’m sure you can relate when I talk about how when you get tired you start saying to yourself similar things like…

“Let’s cut it short”

“I’m pushing too hard, I better give it a short rest”

“I’m sore from yesterday, I better take it a little bit easier”

“I’ll get more work in tomorrow”


These sayings in your head of self talk, is your mind trying to trick your body!

Your body is capable of SO much more!

That’s why when I say “When Your Mind Gets Weak – Your Body Gets Tired…”

If you are to have a STRONG MIND – you’re going to have a STRONG BODY!

The two go hand in hand!

Being strong physically will benefit your mental strength, which will help push your body to higher levels resulting in more strength and conditioning overall.

Hope you’re understanding where I’m getting at.

Think about it for a bit!

Here’s today’s workout:

For Time – 5 Rounds of:

1A) Sled Drag/Pull x 30 yards

1B) Sandbag Sprint x 80 yards

1C) Pull Up x 5

1D) Plyo Push Up x 5

Total time was 10:40

I got to a point in this workout where I wanted to quit.

I was telling myself I lifted too heavy yesterday to be training so hard today.

This is all BULLSHIT!

It was my mind telling me to slow down when I knew my body could go harder and push further.

I know in my mind I could of pushed further and harder.

I will continue to hone in on this skill of shutting my mind off and just GO!!

You must believe!

Dig down and find that extra bit or special switch to where you can turn off your mind and simply just…  GO!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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