It’s time to go to WAR!

In the midst of talking all about COMPLEX training the last few days, I wanted to have this weeks Hardcore Hundred be centered around a bodyweight complex.

You always hear about Barbell Complexes, Kettlebell Complexes, Dumbbell Complexes and even Sandbag Complexes, but what I have yet to hear about are Bodyweight Complexes.

If you’re new to complexes, a complex is a well planned out series of movements, usually within the 5-10 rep range but can also be on the low end of 3 or up to the high end of 20 reps with NO rest between each movement.  Most complexes will be made up of anywhere from 3-5 movements but sometimes can have 10.

So, for example, you’ll grab barbell, a pair of kettlebells, dumbbells, a sandbag and never drop the weight until all of the movements have all been completed.  In this case, since this complex will be made of bodyweight only movements, we’ll be doing movements back to back to back without rest.

You’ll fatigue, your grip will weaken, your forearms with explode, and you’ll more than likely just want to scream.  The bottom line is that complexes will ultimately make you one tough SOB!

Complexes are perfect for BUILDING MUSCLE and LOSING FAT all at once!  A great “Hybrid Style” of training for sure!

I can’t say much more about complexes other than I absolutely have a LOVE/HATE relationship with them.

So, for this week’s Hardcore Hundred, we’ll be doing a Bodyweight ASSAULT Complex!

Hit it FAST and FURIOUS!


Here’s how it’ll go:

Hit 5 reps per movement and do 4 Total Rounds For 100 Total Reps:

1A) Burpee


1C) L Seat Pull Up

1D) Lunge Jump (1 rep per leg = 1 total rep)

1E) Pop Up Squat

***REST 30 secs in a plank between rounds

Try to be as fluid as possible with your transitions to each movement.

A true complex is nice and fluid in nature.  For example, in a barbell complex, it’s always better to go from one movement to the other as quick as possible.  A great example would be going from a barbell clean to a deadlift or vice versa.

I specifically picked out all of these movements and put them in the right order to make them ‘flow’ a lot better!

This one was good!

Hit it up and let me know how it goes!

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Leave your comments and questions!  I’m always open to feedback!

The Hardcore SERIOUS folk out there will start to follow us.

Everyone else will steer clear of what we’re doing and that exactly what we want!

Not everyone is like US!  Let’s make it happen!

GO H.A.M.!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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