This blog post is dedicated to a question I received from one of my Hardcore readers.

He is preparing for a upcoming test he needs to take to get into an elite military unit.  To pass the physical fitness test, he must be able to perform 50 push ups in 2 mins and also be able to perform a high level of pull ups.

His question was, “How do I increase my pull ups and push ups while also adding on mass and strength?”

This is a great question and the reason why this is so great is that you can I fact gain lots of strength, mass, and improve your overall muscular endurance all at once.

What I have done is outline the basics in the video below and supply a sample workout program you can follow below to BUILD more Bodyweight Strength, Muscle, and Endurance.

Sample Program to Increase Pull Ups, Push Ups, and Overall Strength and Mass

***There will be 3 days/ week all FULL BODY focused

***End each session with 3 sets of grip work paired with 3 sets of ab work

***Before you start this program, make sure you TEST out your MAX reps Push Ups and MAX reps Pull Ups.  This will be the LAST time you go to failure on these movements for a while.


Day 1A – Pull Heavy, Push Light

1A) Deadlift 5 x 5

2A) Bent 1 Arm DB Rows  4 x 6-10/ arm

3A) Wall Walks OR Handstand Push Ups 3 x submax

3B) DB Farmer Walks 3 x max distance

Day 2A – Push Heavy, Pull Light

1A) Bench Press 5 x 5

2A) BW Pull Ups 4 x submax

2B) DB OR KB Goblet Squat 4 x 10

3A) Weighted Push Ups 4 x 6-10

3B) KB Swings 4 x 10-15

Day 3A – Pull Heavy, Push Light

1A) Barbell Power Cleans 4 x 5

2A) Bent Barbell Rows 4 x 6

3A) Push Ups 3 x submax

3B) Barbell RDL 3 x 12

Day 1B – Push Heavy, Pull Light

1A) Power Press w/ Barbell OR Single Arm Push Press w/ DB 4 x 4-6 OR 4-6 / arm

2A) Recline Rows on TRX, Ropes, or Squat Rack 4 x submax

2B) Lunge Jumps

3A) Single Arm DB Floor Press 4 x 8 / Arm

3B) Band Pull Aparts OR Bent T- Raises w/ DB’s 4 x 10

Day 2B) – Pull Heavy, Push Light

1A) DB OR KB 1 Arm Snatch 4 x 5/ arm

2A) Weighted Pull Ups 5 x 5

3A) Push Ups OR Dips 3 x Submax

3B) DB Step Ups 3 x 10/ leg

Day 3B) Push Heavy, Pull Light

1A) Bench Press OR DB Bench Press 5 x 5

2A) Blast Strap Weighted Push Ups 4 x 10

2B) Barbell or DB Front Squats 4 x 8

3A) DB Bent Rows 4 x 10

3B) KB Swings 4 x 15

I would rotate through these 6 workouts at least 3-4 total times.  And take a whole week to deload the body.

Retest in your MAX Push Ups and MAX Pull Ups again after a deload week.

You should be able to blast through your earlier maxes with ease!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – If you’re trying to build up more strength and overall endurance with your bodyweight, check out Project: Mobile and Hostile

PPS – Got Questions, Thoughts?  Post em up in the comments below!