I’ve spoke about barbell complexes before.

Barbell complexes are RUGGED, BRUTAL, and not for the weak!

They are a great way to get a TON done in a short period of time!

The particular barbell complex I hit in the video below helps you work on power, strength, and conditioning all in one complex.

In the complex, I hit power cleans and snatches first at reps of 3.

From there I hit 6 reps of a thurster and then a push press.  Both of these are great for building strength in the lower and upper body.

Finally, I hit 12 deadlifts and 12 burpees off of the barbell to round out the complex.  By then, my forearms are on fire, my chest is about to explode and legs burning up as well.

Hit 5 total rounds of this complex with 3-4 min breaks in between each round.

Make sure you come prepared to battle!


If you’re looking to BUILD STRENGTH, add LEAN MUSCLE, and SHRED FAT off of your body all at once, barbell complex training is it!

Stay tuned, as in a couple of days, I will have a very large announcement to make about a whole system that can help you BUILD MUSCLE and LOSE FAT all at once!

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This will be HUGE!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Go H.A.M.