Hardcore Hundred 16 – Rocky Style!

I’ve been on a bit of a Rocky kick the last few days watching the old movies and cranking the tunes in my ride!

Before I get into this week’s Hardcore Hundred, I got a little bit of a story to tell….

I can remember back when I was just a little sophomore in High School.  I traveled with the varsity football team and played special teams as punt and kick returner.  I really never got in the game much at running back.

I can remember we traveled up to a small town called McCook Nebraska.  I figured I wasn’t going to be playing much at running back but I would have my chances to score returning punts and kicks.

After the first quarter was over, both our Senior running backs were out of the game with injuries so coached turned to me and put me in.  To make a long story short, I needed up rushing for about 250 yards.  No touchdown though!  Each time I would run it inside the 5, coach would give the ball to our fullback!  Bunch of BS!

Anyways, I had one of the best games of my life and it was the first varsity game I actually got to play running back in!

The reason I’m telling this story is because I can remember playing nothing but “Training Montage” from the Rocky IV soundtrack the whole way up to McCook on the bus.  It was a 2.5 hour drive.  I had that song memorized in my head like nothing else.

From that point on, I always listened to “Training Montage” at least once before football games.  It got me psyched up to play!

So, for this week’s Hardcore Hundred, I’m dedicating it to Rocky movements!

The thing I LOVE about the Rocky movie series and the reason it appeals to me so much is the fact that he stood up against the world.  He made his own path.  He came from nothing and creating something!

I love in the movie how they compare both Rocky and Drago and how they train.

If you remember watching any of the Rocky movies, you know the training scenes are badass!

Drago had all the fancy, high tech training gizmos and gadgets while Rocky had pretty much nothing but farm tools.

Rock used rocks, chopped wood, lifted wagons, and ran up mountains in 4 foot of snow!

I loved the scene in Rocky IV where he’s training in an old barn, jumping rope in front of a fire place, carrying a log through snow, and dragging a horse carriage.

That’s REAL training right there!

You want to get strong, do that stuff!

So for this week, I got 4 different movements all coming from the Rocky Training Montage.

1)      Rocky Abs

2)      1 Arm Switching Push Ups (From Rocky 1)

3)      Rocky Pull Ups

4)      Double Jumps

Here it goes…


Here’s some good clips from the movies:




Hit this little hardcore Hundred hard and fast!

Make sure to leave you comments and thoughts!!

What do you remember most about the Rocky movies?

What’s your favorite scene?