I’m fired up today!

I don’t know about you but I’m geared up to make things happen!

I got my training in and now it’s all business!

You might be wondering what the heck “110% H.A.M.” means.

Well, if you don’t take kindly to bad words and profanity, I would stop reading now because I’m about to get real SERIOUS up in here…


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H.A.M. Stands for “Hard As A Motherfucker!”  and I’m officially adopting that as my own personal slogan.

This fired me up when I first heard Kayne and Jay Z’s new single entitled, “H.A.M.”.  This is where I first heard this slogan and now I’m gonna spread it like wild fire.

It relates to me because in my life, if I’m going to do something, I’m gonna make sure I’m going as hard as I can!

Put in work and except NO EXCUSES!

Going “H.A.M.” is a difficult thing to do that MOST people aren’t willing to do!

To be successful, you have to be willing to do the small, insignificant things 99.9% of people will never go the extra mile to do.

Sometimes life gets frustrating and things come up that get in our way.  Worst yet they block us from achieving our goals.

Do you let these things sit on you and hold you down?  OR do you punch these things in the FACE and knock em out of your way???

What I had to accept a while back was that I’m NOT alone.  I have to deal with problems just like everyone else in this world.  When I realized this, I stopped feeling sorry for myself when bad things happened!

I accepted 110% RESPONSIBILITY!

From now on, I’m going to make sure I control what happens in the end by pushing harder and further until I bust through the walls standing in front of me.

I suggest you to do the same!

The bottom line is this:  If you’re gonna do anything, go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!

You wanna get BIG…………..  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna get FASTER ………………  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna get STRONGER ………….. Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna make more MONEY…………….  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna have more FREE TIME………….. Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna be a CHAMPION………… Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

Get Rid Of The EXCUSES and GO H.A.M.!!!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts below.