Let’s talk about the Deadlift.

travis stoetzel deadliftsSomething I see way too many people doing wrong when they deadlift is BOUNCE the weight of the ground (thanks to more and more people now having bumper plates).

There’s a time and place for this and I go over that within today’s video:

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#1 – The Deadlift is meant for STRENGTH so it should be trained as such.

This means tight form and solid technique are ALWAYS a key focus.

Plus, 99.9% of the time we need to be using the deadlift exactly for what the movement was meant for… which is to simply lift HEAVY ass weight off of the ground from a “dead” start position, hence the name “Dead-Lift”

However, as times have changed and the SPORT of Crossfit has made it’s way into the world, there’s a time and a place for when you can benefit from bouncing your deadlifts off the ground.

Here’s some things to think when it comes to “The Bounce” VS. The Strict Deadlift

When to use STRICT Deadlifts (ZERO bounce)

  • 99.9% of the time
  • If you want to get STRONGER
  • If you want to avoid injury
  • When doing reps of 5 or below – always go STRICT, but even if you’re doing higher reps, you should still use STRICT

When to use “The Bounce”

  • Almost NEVER
  • Only after you’ve pretty much mastered your deadlift technique and have built a SOLID base of full body strength and stability especially in your core and low back
  • If you’re doing Deadlifts for time within a competition and want to save energy and be more efficient (like within the famous Crossfit workout Diane)
  • If you KNOW and understand the risks involved with doing deadlifts with a bounce

To close out here I want to leave you with a few thoughts…

#1, just because you have bumper plates, don’t fall into the habit of bouncing the weight off the ground when you deadlift.  Always focus on solid form and technique and DON’T get lazy! Reset and be TIGHT on every single rep!

If you have OLD-SCHOOL steel plates, use them, especially when you deadlift.

You’ll instantly increase your testosterone and strength just from using OLD-SCHOOL steel plates (seriously, it’s been proven) 😉

Know the difference between “The SPORT” of Crossfit (AKA – Sport of Exercise) and normal Training.

The SPORT of training, just like any other sport includes strategy and different techniques then the actual training will involve.

With the Sport, your goal is to “exercise fast” and get sh*t done so this means you might use some tehniques that help you perform movements and exercises FASTER (like bouncing deadlifts)

The only reason you do this is to SAVE energy by allowing yourself to become a bit more efficient (kipping movements go into the same category here)

Is it risky?

Hell yes, but just like any other violent kind of sport such as football, MMA, or even wrestling there’s some RISK involved, but that’s something the athlete typically understands and is well aware of if their going to compete, especially at a high level.

So, before you go knocking a person’s form on their deadlifts when their bouncing the weight off the ground, note if they’re doing it for “sport” or if they’ve just got sh*tty technique and don’t know any better.

So there you go.

My 2-cents on the BOUNCE Deadlift VS. STRICT Deadlifts

Thoughts?  Comments?  Drop them below.

Live and Train Aggressive!