In this Aggressive Strength Talk Session I talked with David Dellanave who’s not only one strong dude (holds the WORLD Record in the Jefferson Deadlift at 605 LBS), but is also one of the heavy hitters within The Bio-Feedback Training movement.

david jefferson deadliftDavid is also the author of an amazing strength training resource called,  “Off The Floor” which digs deep into his unique approach to getting strong as hell while also transforming your whole body into a lean and mean machine.

All great stuff!

For more info on David, check out his blog –>

In this Aggressive Strength Talk Session you will discover:

  • Bio-Feedback Training – What the hell is it and how can YOU use it?
  • Is is about working SMARTER Vs. Harder or is that concept just Bullsh*t?
  • Training Specifics for Athletes, Non-Athletes and everyone else in between
  • Plus much more


Part I

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Part II

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Part III

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As always, I’m interested in hearing YOUR thoughts and reading your comments.  Post them up below and if you have any questions for David, drop those as well.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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