So it’s that time of year…

The so called “Flu Season”

First my wife gets it BAD last week.

Then a few of my online coaching clients got it this last weekend.

Then yesterday a few of my athletes in my gym got it, and just this morning, my training partner is now on his death bed.

So what is it?

Are we all just doomed and supposed to accept the fact that we’ll eventually get the flu as well just because it’s “Flu Season”.

I don’t think so.

This is of course if you haven’t yet got it 😉

“Just go out and get the flu shot!” they tell you.

Personally I say “ney” to the flu shot.

You can say what you want but pretty much everyone I know that’s
gone in to get it has come up sick.

Some have even gotten sick multiple times after getting it.

It’s NOT the solution.

It’s only a “quick fix” and personally I think it’s a bunch of BS.

But, I’m NOT here to argue about the flu shot…

Nope, I’m here to share with you the TOP things YOU can do to help prevent getting sick or at least help fight off that nasty bug quick.

Let’s get right into it…

Note that these first 2 are actually tied for the #1 spot mostly because these are two things that YOU have total control over (for the most part).

And, neither of these cost you a ton of $$$.


There’s nothing more important to your body than quality sleep.

I can go on for hours about how important sleep is in regards to pretty much everything, but I’m not going to go too much in-depth here.

Bottom line is, if you lack in sleep, you’re going to lack in a LOT of other things that mainly include:

-Mental Clarity (can’t think straight)
-Overall Energy (need more caffeine??)
-Immune System Strength (why YOU get sick)
-Natural Growth Hormone (little to no increases in strength, muscle, or fat loss)
-Natural Testosterone (same as above)
-Increased Cortisol (help gain and retain your fat stores – not good)

A good range to shoot for 6-7 hours MINIMUM.

This means to get your ass into bed EARLIER.

An easy fix is to STOP watching all of the late night BS TV shows.

If you have to, DVR ’em and watch them later or just watch LESS TV in general.

Too harsh?

Maybe, but do YOU want to be healthier??


This one is easy and a lot of people drop the ball here BIG TIME (including myself at times).

It’s plain, simple, and boring…

Drink. More. WATER.

If you can get purified water, great – go for it.

If not, just drink tap water.

It’s OK. You’ll survive.

Not much more to it than that.

A good baseline number to shoot for would be at least 64 oz of
fresh water a day.

#3 – Cut the Sh*t Foods


You’ve got to do it.

This includes cutting out your refined sugars, processed carbs like bread, crackers, and cookies, plus unhealthy trans fats, and most dairy.

The truth is SICKNESS feeds off of sugar and toxic, low-grade, artificial ingredients.


YOU have the power to cut back on these sh*t foods and eat better.

If anything, at least cut out the crap food when you start to feel sick.

If you have a few weekly cheat meals, cut them out until you start feeling better.

Nothing will get you sicker faster than chowing down on a big cheat meal full of fat, sugar, and processed carbs (TRUST me, I know).

Like I said, GREENS, GREENS, and more GREENS (spinach, broccoli, kale…)

You NOW it’s good for you so eat it.

#4 – Keep a STRONG and Positive MINDSET

Now, of course I can’t give you tips on how to keep yourself healthy without talking about having a strong mindset.

Thin about this…

You ever notice how when one of your friends might say to you, “Damn, I’m getting sick”, that you usually immediately start to feel sick yourself??

I know it’s happened to me before…

Seriously, you then start telling yourself in your head, “Damn it!,  Joe is sick and now he is getting me sick!”

You start playing tricks on yourself in your mind.

Even though you might not be sick yourself, if you tell yourself in your head that you are, you’ll start to feel it and actually be more susceptible to getting sick.

WEAK MIND = Weak Body.

Yeah, this may sound like a bunch of phony crap, but it’s 110% true.

Trust me on this.

Best thing you can do is to keep telling yourself you WON’T get sick and that you have a STRONG body.

Tell yourself this and BELIEVE it.

It will at least help your body stay strong and FIGHT instead of giving in to a weak mindset.

#5 – SKIP your training session for SLEEP

It’s not too often I tell you to skip out on your training sessions, but this is the exception.

A common question I get asked often is,  “Can I train while being sick?”

My answer is this:

If and when you start feeling run down or as if you’re getting the flu, please don’t try to be a BADASS and train through it.

It will only get you sicker faster.

The reason for this is because when we train 110% H.A.M., our central nervous and immune systems takes a bit of a hit.

When these important systems are down and not running at 100% within the body, that’s when bad things like the flu will creep in.

So, to combat this and stay healthy, if you you feel you’re coming down with a cold or even the flu, don’t try to “sweat it out”.

Yeah if you have a minor cold or something like that it might work, but wouldn’t you rather train at 110% then only at 75-80% because you’re on the verge of getting sick??

And how much will that truly benefit you to train at 75%??

Not much.

Instead, fight off your sickness hard with SLEEP.

Go home, hydrate up and get your butt into bed.

You’ll thank me when you feel 10x’s better faster 😉

So, there are my BIG 5 ways to fight off getting sick.

***Here’s the Deal***

If we can get over 100 LIKES on this post, I’ll go ahead and post up Part II of this which will reveal my personal “magic potions” that have helped me fight off the flu a handful of times just in the last year.

These drinks have seriously been life savers and if we can get to 100 LIKES +, I’ll post it up.

Either way, here’s to fighting off the FLU and staying Strong and Healthy!


Live and Train Aggressive!