So, I not sure if you have been following me for some time now on this blog, if you have you may know that I was recently asked to travel out to Brazil.

Well, after some thought I took up my friends offer and I’ll be heading out of the country on Sept 3rd!

I’m super pumped!

It’s been a crazy last few days as I’ve been scurrying around trying to get a passport and a visa.

These things don’t come easy!

I’ve had to go through some crazy steps just to get my passport.

If you haven’t had to do this yet, your lucky!

I just got my passport back today and I’ll be sending it to Chicago to the Brazilian Consulate where I’ll then get my Visa to get into Brazil!


Anyways, I”ll be training a professional football team (yes they play American Football over there) as they prepare for their season!

I have a very close friend that is a huge part of the league and the team I’ll be training who invited me out for this amazing opportunity!

They are called Cuiabá Arsenal.

I’ll be showing them my training techniques for speed, agility, and power improvement as well as taking them through strength and conditioning workouts!

Word is they want me to play in a football game too!!!

I know, craziness right???

This caught me by surprise so I’m not sure what will happen!

So I may be lacing up the Nike’s once again!

I hope I can come back to America and say I scored a few TD’s in another country!  This would be SICK!

We will see when the time comes!  I’m most excited about getting to be in front of these athletes and teaching them what I know so they can get better at what they do!

They will CRUSH the competition after I work with them!   I have NO DOUBTS in my mind!

I’ll be keeping you updated on my up coming travels!

For now, here’s my workout I hit today!

This was a BRUISER!

Upper Body Crusher

1A) Plyo Push Ups  5 x 5

2A) Bench Press x 12, 10, 6, 4, 4, 4

3A) 1 Arm Bent Row x 12, 12, 10, 8

3B) Ring Push Up variations x Submax

4A) For Time:

a) Double Unders x 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

b) Hanging Leg Raises x 25, 20, 15, 10, 5

time – 5:51

The end crushed my grip, abs, and shoulders!  Plus my heart wanted to pop out of my chest!


Till next time,

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Post up comments and questions!

PSS – Right now I’m heading out the door to the Uproar Festival!!!
I’m getting access backstage to meet some of the bands!!!!  Hopefully HELLYEAH!!!

Check out Up Roar Festival HERE ==>
We will see!

Enjoy these tunes…