The sandbag…  A BRUTAL tool.

If you don’t have yourself a few heavy sandbags laying around quite yet, it time to either make some or buy a few.

I actually bought my first few sandbags and I love em!

I got mine for Josh Henkin (the dude’s a guru in Sandbag Training!)

Anyways, sandbags are essential enough to be doing in your training program let alone adding in sandbag wrestling.

To be honest with you, after my training the other day I just felt like throwing, lifting, and carrying around the sandbag so I created a little conditioing session out of it.

I went for 30 secs of work with 30 secs of rest.

I used my 80 lbs bag and the “green monster” which weights about 100 lbs.

The goal is to have the bag continuously moving.

So flipping it up to your shoulder, squatting, lunging, pressing, switching shoulder, and carrying in different positions for time.

I also adding in some DB farmer carries as well as rack walks while carrying the sandbag.

I’ll be experiementing more on this for sure.

It was KILLER!


Here was my training day:

1A) 1A Snatch with various objects – KB, DB, Barbell 6 x 12, 8, 6, 4, 2, 2/ arm

2A) Sumo Deadlifts 6 x 12, 10, 4, 4, 4, 4

2B) Wheel Rollouts  3 x 12

3A) Rope Climb 4 x 2

3B) Handstand Push Ups 4 x S. Max

4A) Sandbag Wrestling  10 rounds 30 secs work 30 secs rest

Get you a sandbag and get busy!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


Grab yourself a heavy bag and get to work!

PS – A little video for you as well, this band kicks major ass!

Rocking with Cellos!  Come on!