It’s time again for another Hardcore Hundred!

When people tell me they don’t have options when it comes to bodyweight training, I tell them their full of SH*T!

In this episode of the Hardcore Hundred, I explored a little bit with a new movement that I’m calling the “planche sit through”.  It’s sort of a planche L sit combo with a straddle.

I’ve really never attempted it before but I thought I would give it a shot!  I’ll be throwing these in some more as time goes on!

On the straddle part I need to kick my legs out way further and out.

I don’t have planche bars so I made my own with dumbbells!

Quick Question: If you don’t have a certain piece of equipment, do you just quit?  Or do you improvise and make it happen?

I say choose the latter.

In this Hardcore Hundred I kept it fast pace.

I had to switch a few things around and make my own stuff to get it right.  You’ll see in the video!

But have it at!


5 Rounds – 5 Reps / Movement

1A) Planche Sit Through

1B) Squat Jump

1C) Recline Rope Row

1D) Dips

Fast and Furious!

Hit up your comments or questions below!