Two simple tools you can add to your arsenal to make some of your lifts not only stronger but more challenging are ropes and bands.

I’m all for unconventional training that really pushes you beyond your means.

You should be well aware of this by now!  😉

Today’s training day was NO different.

I added in bands to assist in my bench press and I added ropes for my rows.

For the bench, I did reverse band bench presses.

What reverse band bench presses do  is help you increase the amount of weight you work with on the bar.

At the top of the lift the weight is at its actual weight – HEAVY.

When you hit your chest, the weight is significantly less due to the tension in the band pulling up on the weight.

This is great for working on explosive strength as you must accelerate through the entire lift.

The weight gets heavier and heavier near the top as the band losses tension.

So if you slow down, you’re in trouble!

Reverse Band Bench Pressing  is a great way to add tons of weight to the bar.

After a few mini cycles of doing this from week to week, you will see an increase in your overall bench max for sure!

I usually rotate it in and out on a weekly basis.

Now, to superset with that, I got the homemade sled out and did some bent over hand over hand rope rows.

These kick ass and will kick your ass at the same time!

Hand over hand rope rows are very challenging!

It’s easy – grab the rope and pull until you get the sled to your feet.

The rope length I’m using is about 40-50 ft.  It’s a good enough distance to where it really pushes you, especially when you have enough weight on the sled.

I’ve been asked about where I get my bands and ropes from…

For my ropes, I would contact a local boat store – I paid $1 per foot!!!  This is INSANE pricing!  Most places you’re looking at about $2-2.50 per foot!

Check it out!

For the bands, I go through Performax Bands – Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz created these and he’s a real innovator when it comes to bands training.

Check out his site here for bands and packages for training ===>  Performax bands 4 You

You see, it’s these types of unconventional means that can make a HUGE difference on your results.

You can stick to doing your regular bench presses and bent over rows but whats the fun and challenge in that?

Throwing these types of modalities into your progress (THE RIGHT WAY) can make a big impact on your progress!

I’ve steadily seen my bench increase over the months with implementing the reverse band bench press into my training every few workouts as well as seen my pulling strength increase from adding in the rope rows.

Two very good tools to use – Bands and ropes!


Here’s my Training Day:

1A) Plyo Push Ups 5 x 8 – Multiple variations

2A) Reverse Band Bench Press 5 x 3

2B) HOH Rope Rows 5 x 1

3A) Prowler Sprint 2 – 30 yard sprints x 4 rounds

3B) Full Overhead KB Swing 4 x 4 rounds

3C) Ring Pull Ups 8 x 4 rounds

Another great day of training in the books!

I’m feeling STRONG!

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – My Brazil Trip is right around the corner!

I’m getting pumped!

Stay tuned and BE READY for awesome training footage to come!