Use “The Volume Tactic” To Help Increase General To Advanced Bodyweight  Strength
and Muscular Endurance Overtime

Can Be Used 3-5 Times A Week – All Depending On YOUR Fitness Level

Typically Used With General Movements Like Push Ups, Pull Ups, Squats, And Rows

Can Also Be Used With Advanced Movements Like Pistols, Muscle Ups, HSPU’s, Dips,
Ect – NO Movement Is Off Limits – Just Keep It To Bodyweight Specific

General Rep Scheme Guidelines For “The Volume Tactic”

“Solider” Beginners: 3 Rounds x 2, 4, 6  (Pull Ups, Push Ups, Squats)

“Warrior” Intermediate 3 Rounds x 4, 8, 12

“BEAST” Advanced 3 Rounds x 5, 10, 15

If You Can Easily Go “UNBROKEN” With your Sets, Add In An Extra Round In Each Week

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