Got this workout from a nice little gym called SICFIT out of Austin, TX.

These guys are SERIOUS at what they do.

I have a buddy that’s highly involved with their Crossfit “movement”.  They are changing the way to train for performance!

I’m right there with them!

Hardcore, Aggressive, Performance Based Athletic Training!

This kind of stuff ain’t for the weak!

You got to be MENTALLY tough!

You gotta want it.  You can’t be afraid to get dirty.


When I got the workout they did they other day, I had to give it a shot.

It’s called “Can You Go Unbroken”?

Well, here goes…

A. Back squat 5×3 @ 70%.

B. 15-10-5: tire jumps, push press (135#/), KB swings (24kg/16kg).

Rest 3 minutes.
C. 15-10-5: pullups, deadlift (225#/135#), KB snatch (24kg/16kg).

As you can see, I could NOT go totally unbroken.

When I looked at the workout, I knew it would be a challenge.

I learned an important lesson in this workout and that was that I can get BETTER!

The fact is, I always can be getting better and improving each and every day.

Just as I have said before, you’re NEVER good enough!

So keep working hard and pushing your limits!

You know I’ll be pushing mine!

Go Without LIMITS!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Let me know…

When have you failed during a training session???

What have you learned from a tough training session??