So I was thinking of ways I can get more people involved with the way I train and I came up with a simple concept of “The Hardcore 100” which will be 100 reps total reps of different combined bodyweight movements.

I’m a competitive dude and I want to get more people involved with what I doing.

I’m talking about TRAINING HARD!


So, from now on, I’ll be posting up a new “Hardcore 100” training session each and every week for you to attack and see what kind of times you can achieve.

Each training session of the “Hardcore 100” will be bodyweight based so ANYONE can do them.

This leaves no space for EXCUSES.

You should know by now I HATE EXCUSES!

You’ll also keep time of how long it take you to complete your “Hardcore 100” session.

The sessions will be different everytime and be comprised of a multitude of different movements.  I will flip cam each session so you can attempt it at home.

I strongly encourage ALL to comment and post your times and even send in video if you have it.

So, without further adieu, here’s the 1st “HARDCORE 100”

For time:

1A) Hindu Dive Bomber Push ups x 30

1B) Strict Pull Up x 30

1C) Pop Up Squats x 30

1D) 5 Count Burpees x 10

Post your times in the comments!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – This will be BADASS!

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