Alrighty, so here we are just about into September of 2014.


Summer has flown by and is pretty much done as we all move into the final part of the year.

With the 4th quarter of 2014 coming up, I want you to stop for a second to think deep.

Think about how things have gone for you so far this year.

Ask yourself how far you’ve come since January 1st.

Have you achieved some of the goals you set out to conquer at the start of the year?


Have you slipped up a bit and let those goals fall to the way-side?

In this world, unfortunately there’s no standing still as it’s either you’re getting worse or your getting better.

It’s the “teeter-totter” of life that we all just have to deal with and if you were to ask me, I’d much rather focus on getting just a bit BETTER each and every day VS. settling for staying the same or getting worse.

What do you think?

Either way, in a few days time we’ll be kicking off The 30-Day Relentless Muscle Challenge in which I’ve been getting all geared up and ready to unleash.

Over the past couple of days, my inbox has been getting filled with a lot of questions from people wanting to know more about The RM 30-Day Challenge before they jump into the mix.

Hey, I don’t blame you 😉

Real quick before I get into some of these questions, I need to go over a very IMPORTANT point in regards to SUCCESS with both life in and OUT of the gym…

If you want something and you want it bad, it’s time YOU step out of your little “safe spot” and into the UNKNOWN.

This is where the real sh*t happens!

The 30-Day Relentless Muscle Challenge 5.0 is definitely NOT about comfort…

It’s about pushing YOU further then you think you can go.

You either accept the challenges life throws your way or you pass them up.

When you pass them up, that’s when you pass up SUCCESS.

Of course, when ever there’s a chance for success, there’s always going to be a chance for failure as well, but that’s the risk you must take.

Just know this important fact of life when thinking about doing anything:

You either go for it, or you sit back and watch it go on by.

It’s YOUR choice.

It’s now or never as we start kicking ass this coming Monday, Sept 1st with to without you.

Time to step out of your COMFORT ZONE and into the UNKNOWN!

This picture  SAYS IT ALL…


Where are YOU on that board?

In with where the MAGIC happens or in your “comfort zone” (where not much of anything tends to happen)??

Just a little something-something for you to chew on a bit if you’re still on the fence about The Challenge…

And with that, let’s move into some of the most common questions I answered in regards to the upcoming 30-Day Relentless Muscle Challenge:

Q – Is The RM 30-Day Challenge only for dudes or can girls do it too?

A – This challenge is for ANYONE that’s ready to push their limits.  Guy, girl, young, old – it doesn’t matter.  As long as YOU are willing to put in the hard work and commit for the 30-Days you’re good.

Q – What type of workouts will be in the 30-Day RM Challenge

What kind of workouts will I be doing within RM5.0? – See more at:
What kind of workouts will I be doing within RM5.0? – See more at:

A – With this 30-Day Challenge I’ve decided to do something different in which YOU’LL get to decide on which training program you do as you’ll have access to well over 15 different programs to choose from that include programs that focus on:Shred-Project-Manual-left

  • Muscle, Strength, and Athletic Mass
  • Fat Loss and Performance
  • Performance and Strength
  • Bodyweight Only
  • Kettlebell/Bodyweight Hybrid Training

One of the BIG BONUSES you’ll get access to with this 30-Day Challenge is with the special “Aggressive Strength Workout Of The Month” which is the “28-Day Shred Project”

Q – Is there a PRIZE associated with the 30-Day Challenge and how can I win?

A – YES!  There is a prize for The 30-Day RM Challenge!

The overall winner of the challenge will be getting a nice little prize package with the following included:

-Rogue 53# Kettlebell
-The Orb Mobility Ball
-Train Aggressive T-Shirt
-Train Aggressive Strength Wrist Wraps
-PLUS – Lifetime Access To The Aggressive Strength Coaching Community

The winner will be determined by a combination of Before / After Photos plus overall activity and commitment level within the private coaching group as a whole over the 30-Days.

In other words…  The more accountable you are, the better your results will be, the better chance of WINNING you’ll have.

It’s that simple.

But, you’ll NEVER know unless you try DO!

Bottom Line – Spots are filling fast and the DEADLINE to get in is very close.

Step Into The UNKNOWN and get the f*&k out of your comfort zone!

==> Relentless Muscle 30-Day Challenge

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Got any additional questions?  Drop em in the comments!

***If you’re already in the challenge, share with the Aggressive Strength Empire what YOUR goals are for the next 30 Days.

I’m psyched to help YOU get there.

PPS – Deadline is near, SPOTS are Limited, Time to Get Nuts…

—> Relentless Muscle 30-Day Challenge (See the past RESULTS)