And here we are with Part II of “On The Minute Weak Point Training”

If you missed out on Part I, check that out HERE.

In part 2 I wanted to get into another type of E.M.O.T.M. style of training that involves increasing your time intervals to more than a single minute.

When you do this, you can change up what you’re training in a bunch of different ways since it then allows for a bit more recovery time.

For this set up, I like going with these intervals:

E90secs = “Every 90 Secs”olympic lifting

E2M = “Every 2 Mins”

E3M = “Every 3 Mins”

These work best when you’re trying to really focus in on more strength or if you’re doing some higher skilled movements within your set ups.

For example, this is what I’ve been cranking for the last 4 weeks:

E2M x 12 Mins:

First 2 Minutes: Barbell Front Rack Walking Lunge x 10 / Leg
***Week 1 Load = 135, 165, 185
***Week 4 Load = 185, 205, 225

The Second 2 Minutes: Unbroken Muscle Ups
***Week 1 – 10 reps
***Week 4 – 12-13 reps if possible

The goals here were to go UNBROKEN on both the movements plus stick to the planned time periods.

I wanted to work on being able to crank out muscle up when I was fatigued (which the lunges do a fine job of making this happen).

This. Was. BRUTAL.

I HATED it and I dreaded it every week, but I know this type of training would get me better for sure.

I know it worked because the lunges, although they were getting heavier were getting easier to crank out each week.

As for the muscle ups, I’m getting pretty darn comfy with 10 rep sets now even when I’m tired.

Week 4 was down right nasty and I’ll admit that I was NOT able to complete the 3 sets of each movement within the 2 minute time periods.  I went outside those just a bit and by the 3rd round, it turned more into an “Every 3 Minute” interval set up.

Either way, this type of “interval training” definitely works and there a number of ways you can use it.

Here’s some other examples of how I’ve liked to use these longer E.M.O.T.M.’s:

E2M x 10 Mins
Full Clean and Jerk x 6
***Strength and Power Focus

E2M x 12 Mins
Odd Minute – Deadlift x 3
Even Minute – Shirt Shuttle Sprint OR Light Sled Push / Pull
***Strength / Conditioning Focus

E2M x 12 Mins
Odd Minute – Power Snatch x 5
Even Minute – HSPU x 10 OR Submax
***Power / Skill Focus

E3M x 24 Mins
Odd Minute – Back Squat x 5
Even Minute – OH Press x 5
***Strength Focus

E3M x 30 Mins (This got very interesting)
Complete 1 Rep @ 90-100% 1RM Of Each:
a) Squat
b) OH Press
c) Deadlift
***Strength Focus

E2M x 20 Mins
7 Strict Pull Ups
12 Thrusters @ a challenging weight
***Strength, Conditioning, and Mental Toughness Focus

And there you are.

More tactics to help transform yourself into a BADASS.

Just note that these E.M.O.T.M. set ups are NOT for everyone.

They get tough and are not meant for complete beginners.

Questions or Comments on the tactics given here?

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