I’m kinda big on always planning ahead.

I like to know what to expect and I’d rather be somewhat “ready” than be totally unprepared.

If there a certain goal or OUTCOME you want in life, the best way to get there is to PLAN for it.

Once you have a set plan, then it comes down to IMPLEMENTING the plan through daily consistent action.


Pretty simple right?

Well, this is where most DADS fail…

The reason they fail?


Or if it’s not that, it’s because there’s no consistency.

Either way, if you want SUCCESS,  having some sort of set ROUTINES are critical.

When you have a set ROUTINE or at least some sort of fixed PLAN, your chances of SUCCESS are going to dramatically increase VS not having any sort of plan or routine at all.

And since we’re talking about DESTROYING THE DAD BOD here, we know that in order to do that, you have to be TRAINING and FUELING your body accordingly.

So it becomes SIMPLE:

Plan something for your FITNESS each and every day.

For Nutrition, plan ahead so you’re prepared to get in the right amount of FUEL you need to suit your goal.

I like to plan either the night beforehand or the morning of to make sure I’m set for the day.

I schedule both of these right into my daily calendar so I make it a part of my ROUTINE.

Do that long enough, it’ll drive the RESULTS you want forward.

Don’t have a routine?

It’s time to get one…

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