I wanted to share one of my latest Aggressive Strength Newsletters that I sent out the other day.
Got such a massive response from people and I think it’s important to get this message out about such an awesome and inspiring story.
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====START of Newsletter====

So, there was some pretty AMAZING stuff that happened over the
course of this week.First, the BIG RED Machine got a WIN last night (Go Huskers)…Athlete’s within The Relentless Muscle 5.0 Challenge ended out yet
another successful round (results were freaking’ amazing)…

The 21 Day Lean, Mean, Strong Transformation Challenge within my
gym finished up with some real kickass results…

I went to the dentist for the first time in almost 2 years (ZERO

And, the MOST amazing thing…

A 64 year old women successfully swam 112 miles across the ocean
from Havana, Cuba to Key West, FL.

Yeah that happened.

And if you think it sounds “easy”, think again!

If you didn’t hear about it just yet, Diana Nyad just did one of
the most amazing feats of physical and mental strength I’ve ever
heard of.

Last Monday, just before 2pm EST, Diana stumbled onto a beach in
Key West, FL after being in the water for 53 hours straight.

Swimming the whole freakin’ time.

They said her face was swollen like a balloon and her lips and
tongue were so badly blistered as a result of wearing a special
jellyfish mask she could barely speak.

The first words she mumbled…

Find a way…”

This amazing lady had just completed a personal challenge and life
long dream.

She officially became the first person in history to achieve this
feat without using a protective cage (from sharks).

The craziest fact was that this was fifth attempt at that dream.

She had failed 4 times before.

She first jumped into the ocean in Havana, Cuba on Saturday around
9am where she again set out accomplish her goal.

Like I said, not only did she have to swim through shark infested
waters, she also had to make her way through swarms of deadly
jellyfish as well.

These things can kill you pretty quickly.

Now, the most amazing part of this story…

The journey from Cuba to Florida didn’t start two days earlier.

Her journey started back in 1978.

35 years ago before I was even born…

She was 28 years young then and when she first attempted this feat,
she failed badly.


The memory of failing that first time never left her mind.

She again attempted to do the swim in 2010, 2011, and 2012 with
no success.

You’d think as she got even older each year, she would throw in
the towel and say to hell with it.

Shoot, that’s what most people do.

And at her age!  

She’s 64 years old now!

Can you imagine that?

“Find a way…”

This is what she chanted over and over in her mind to black the
negative thoughts out of her head as she made her way across the

Amazing stuff.

When she got over to the US, she had 3 POWERFUL messages to

#1 – Never ever give up…

#2 – You’re NEVER too old to chase your dreams…

#3 – It takes a team.

That’s some powerful stuff right there.

Swimming for 112 miles over the course of 53 hours.

Think about this for a second…

There’s workouts that I’ve done for 30-40 mins straight with little

no break and I’m beat.
Just yesterday, we did a 21 minute AMRAP challenge and that was
extremely tough.But two days plus 10 more hours of work??Swimming non-stop.


Good for her and THANKS for the INSPIRATION.

Holy sh*t!  

Not sure about you, but I’m freakin’ INSPIRED.


Do YOU have any?

If you do, are YOU chasing them?

Even when you fail, do you still RELENTLESSLY go after them?

Just know, there is a way.

There’s always a way.

The next time you think you’re “too old”, “too weak”, “too

Think of Diana Nyad.

Keep those dreams on your mind and attack them until you get them

FORGE AHEAD no matter what.

It’s what we’re all destined to do in life because what would life
be without DREAMS?

Think about the main 3 messages that Diana dropped like BOMBS…

1) NEVER give up…

2) You’ve never too old…

3) It takes a TEAM.

By “TEAM” she means to find friends, family, or a coach that
supports your dream and believes in you 110%.

Anyone that doesn’t believe in you, get them out of your life ASAP.

DREAM BIG and then find a way to make it happen.

Live and Train Aggressive!