Don’t wait until Jan 1st 👎🏻

You’ll achieve NOTHING in waiting.

You’ll only be putting off the inevitable.

By Jan 1st my goal is to hit Double 88’s for 20 reps unbroken ☠️☠️

I’ve got a good bit of time to put in the work required to get there.

That’s a challenge I’ve set for myself to keep me on my toes and rolling hard into the New Year.

This time of year, if you’re not careful, you can get super LAZY and slip off track pretty bad.

Then come Jan 1st you’re in a deep, dark pit.

This is why you should challenge yourself NOW.

Forget about the New Year Challenge BS.

You have nearly 30 days before the New Year hits.

Take the opportunity RIGHT NOW to do something HARD.

Set yourself up for SUCCESS NOW.

Create a mini-challenge for yourself and push to see what you can get done by 1/1/20.

It all starts with TAKING ACTION NOW.

Fuck waiting.

Waiting’s a bad habit that’ll only get worse the more you wait.

Do you think it’ll all just magically change come Jan 1st!?

Listen, if you’re someone who always waits until the new year, you should already know, all that HYPE and EXCITEMENT is going to wear off quickly.

It’s about DISCIPLINE.

It’s about BEHAVIORS and HABITS.

And it’ll be the combination of your day to day ACTIONS that get you the RESULTS you want.

Those actions can start TODAY.

So, what will you do?

How will you IMPROVE?

How are you going to put yourself to the test?

Starting TODAY.

Times a wasting…

Let’s Gooooooooo!