I’m out here in sunny California in at a fitness business seminar.

I’m learning a ton of info on how I can reach out.to.more hardcore peeps better and.more efficiently.

I’m super fired up to continue to crank out more info for everyone that comes to my blog. Its going to get.insane!

Anyways,  I just destroyed a workout at the fancy hotel gym where they were limited with room and equipment.

We immediately felt out of place when we walked in.

People running endlessly on treadmills and doing their isolation movements.

We blew It up to say the least.

I grabbed the heaviest dumbbell, a small spot and got to work!

I hammered a quick but brutal SINGLE DB circuit.

I picked 6 movements and hammered out 8 reps each.

What made this brutally tough was I hit it on each side with one DB at a time.

Lots of constant movement.

Here it is if you want to try and attack it…


1A) DB snatch
1B) DB drop lunge
1C) DB push press
1D) DB rdl
1E) DB bent row
1F) DB swing
1G) goblet sqt

I used the goblet squat as a transition to the other side.

Now I Gotta go crush some breakfast!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure to tell me how you overcame WEAKNESS today below in the comments!