In my last blog post, Strength Trip Down South – Part I, I mainly discussed ELIMINATING WEAKNESSES by making sure you don’t find ways to come up with EXCUSES.

That post mainly pertained to TRAINING.

Now, I want to get into the EATING part of my trip.

First out, I ALWAYS prepare myself for trips. Whether I’ll be flying or driving, I make damn sure I’m packed up with a whole mess of good, solid, healthy foods.  You can’t let it go to chance to be out on the road traveling and not have anything “healthy” to feed your machine.

You can find ways to eat somewhat healthy on the road, but ELIMINATE THE EXCUSES and bring along foods you know are good for your body!  Foods that will supply vitamins and nutrients for sustained energy so you can make sure and stay on your “HUSTLE” and have a great trip!  What ever that may be…

So, I did a quick little video for you of what I brought on my Strength Trip Down South…

Check it out!


Here’s a quick list of foods to bring with you when you travel:

  • Nuts and Seeds – Unflavored, raw (almonds, macadamia, walnuts, pecans, brazil buts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, ect)
  • LOTS of Fresh Water
  • Beef Jerky  – unflavored
  • Lara Bars – low ingredient bars that are packed with good sources of fat and energy – avoid bars that are filled with junk.  Anything that has a heavy list of ingredients isn’t going to be that good for you.
  • Protein Powder Mix – I prefer Body By Vi, choose something LOW in sugar and high in Protein.
  • Greens Product – helps supply the body with energy through a quick mixture of veggies that can easily be added to water or your protein drink – I prefer Dr. Broc’s
  • PH Drops – add a few drops of PH into your water to help ALKALIZE your body.  Will result in more energy.
  • Fruit – Apples, pear, or berries – supply some healthy quick energy
  • Fresh Tuna Packets – great source of quick energy – make sure these are in WATER, NOT veggie oil and bring a fork 😉

This is just a tiny list.  I say it’s ESSENTIAL!  You may like some of the things on here or you may hate them, bottom line, it’s all healthy stuff for you!

Notice I didn’t add any thing such as granola mixtures, or fruit drinks, ect.  What you want to do is AVOID sugar, starchy carbs as well as your highly refined processed carbs. Items with sugar and these types of carbs will do nothing but add fat on to your frame.  You’ll get a bit of quick energy but you’ll eventually crash form the sugar.

That’s what I do to stay healthy and LEAN on the road!

Let me know what YOU do when you travel!  Do you prepare or do you just wing it???

I’m guessing those that prepare are more RIPPED than those that don’t!

Let me know below!