So the CrossFit Regional Workouts were just posted up last night.

All I can say is…  BRUTAL! 

If you’re not familiar with what I’m doing yet, I’ll be competing again in this year’s CrossFit Regionals for the second time and they posted the workouts that are to come.

3 Days.  6 Workouts.  There will be blood…

These workouts look absolutely KILLER and I can’t wait to hit them up!

I feel that I’m pretty well prepared, but I’m going to be continuing to hit it H.A.M. always.

My major weak area within all of these workouts will be with the 2nd workout of the Regional which is composed of:

  1. 2000m Row (I haven’t rowed since LAST year’s Regional)
  2. 50 Pistol Squats – Alternating Legs (MAJOR WEAKNESS)
  3. 30 Hang Cleans @ 225 (Shouldn’t be too bad…)

Overall, this will be absolutely CRUSHING.

Honestly, this is the only workout I’m truly a bit worried about.  I’ll continue to work on my weaknesses, with the major one being PISTOL SQUATS and by the time Regional’s rolls around, I’ll be ready.

It’s ALL in the mind and preparation with that starts NOW.

Moving forward…

For today’s training session, I did heavy HIGH REP deadlift’s, handstand push ups, and ended things off with the Thursday Throwdown I have below.


This was a definite EVIL CONCOCTION…

I took the last section of the Regional workout, Event 6, which was a concoction of heavy farmer carries, burpee box jumps, and muscle ups…

This was a bruiser, but bruiser’s will only make you STRONGER both physically and mentally so you’ve got to do them!

I want YOU to hit up this Thursday Throwdown as well and if you need to make modifications, here’s what you can do…

If you DON’T have Farmer Handles ====>  Use HEAVY Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or Sandbags

If you CAN’T do Muscle Ups ====>  Do 15 Dips and 15 Pull Ups

For Burpee Box Jumps ====>  Just Make It Happen!

I used this as a FINISHER to my regular workout, but you can make this into a workout in itself.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was going to do a “DELOAD week”…  Well, things changed as my body said it was time to GO!

Typically I train based off instinct and feel and I usually try to stick to the plans I have written up, but just as life is, it doesn’t always go according to plan.

You’ve got to adjust on the fly.

Last night when I saw that the Regional Workouts had been posted up, I got jacked up and I couldn’t sleep a wink!

That’s how it is when training runs through your veins!

Gotta Live Aggressive and Keep Getting Stronger!

Let’s hear your thoughts and comments about the upcoming Regional Workouts and Your RESULTS from the Evil Concoction I posted above!  Looking forward to hearing from you!