So I typically start out my day at 430am.

I wake up and I immediately drink an ice cold bottle of water.  This gets me going.

Form there I may have a cup of Organic Coffee to boost me up a bit more, but I really try to limit that to 3-4 days per week at most.

I don’t want to rely on coffee to give me energy.  Once I make it past 630 or so I feel the rush of energy come on from the fasting.

This is that “Fight or Flight” mode your body clicks into when you’re in a fasted state


After camp, I usually go and hit up my first training session which is usually a strength based session.

On this particular day, I hit up some heavy deadllifts followed by a bunch of bodyweight training and a quick strongman / core finisher.

When I train heavy and intense, I have a quick post-workout shake with about 25-30g of whey protein mixed with Athletic Greens + plus some BCAA’s.

I only have this mid morning shake on Training days….


After that I’ll wait until around 12-1pm to hit up my first meal of the day…


For meal 1, I keep it light.  Usually 4 eggs sunny side up with a TON of greens and sauerkraut.  I go through spinach and kale like hot cakes!

I used to scramble my eggs until I read this article which really opened up my eyes…  VERY interesting stuff…  I highly suggest your READ IT! 

As you may of noticed, I top most of my meals off with ORGANIC apple cider vinegar, some fresh salsa, and salt free-seasoning.

I do this as it helps spice up my meals as well as give me a bit of variety.  I have about 6 different flavors of seasonings I choose from.  The apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and will help regulate my blood sugar levels.

A few hours later I have my 2nd meal of the day…


On this day, I was out and about and away from home so I hit up one of my favorite “go to” spots in Whole Foods.

There I grabbed myself a HUGE greens salad mixed with their top notch “Jack’s Grass-Fed Beef Meatloaf”.  This stuff is the f*cking BOMB!  

I had a good mixture of kale, spinach, red cabbage, mushrooms, bell peppers, and cucumbers for the main part of the salad and then I  threw in some starchy carbs with the roasted squash and beets.

I only did this because I was going in to train again later that day and I knew the starchy carbs would be used for a good source of energy for my training session.  If it had been an off day, I would have skipped out on the squash and beets for this meal.

I then topped my salad off with some apple cider vinegar and sun flower seeds.

Hmmmm!  Best damn $13 salad you’re going to find anywhere…  LOL!

After I hit up my second training session for the day, which was a long run mixed in with a TON of bodyweight training, I threw down some high quality BCAA’s right after my session then went home to hit up my 3rd meal of the day which was by far the BEST…


This meal filled me up!  I had a nice 14oz. Grass Fed Steak with a huge pile of steamed broccoli, sauerkraut, then topped off with some apple cider vinegar, seasoning, and fresh salsa.

I typically mix in some sort of starchy carb with this meal like pumpkin, squash, or yams, but I was all out damn it!  I realized that when I started cooking my steak!

I usually have another small meal after that, but that steak did me in good.  

If I have something after my main dinner, it’s usually another small salad with some sort of LEAN meat like chicken, or steak depending on what I ate earlier in the day.

Other times I’ll eat on some Almond butter or make a small shake of protein powder, almond milk and almond butter with some spinach blended in as well.

And that typically rounds out what I eat on a training day.

Pretty basic:  Fast until 12-1pm then I eat normal.

Most of the big changes I’ve made have been with adding in Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and taking essential enzymes before my meals to help with digestion. 

The other main changes I made was having a LARGER meal as my last meal of the day and including more starchier carbs with my last meal as well.

I always had that ass backwards – starchy carbs with FIRST meal of day, then I would NEVER have starchy cabers later on.  It’s made a HUGE difference energy wise.

In addition, I try to make sure my fasting periods always last at least 14 hours and I drink a sh*t ton of H2O throughout the day.

Other then that, I keep it pretty similar to what I had been doing for the last year or so which has been:

•    Keep my meals mainly Paleo – 90-95% of the time
•    Starchy carbs around workouts and on heavier training days
•    Eat Organic as much as possible (especially with eggs, meat, and greens)
•    Athletic Greens is in my first meal no matter what
•    BCAA’s after and around workouts
•    1-3 cheat meals per week (Usually on Sat and Sun – ANYTHING goes)

The question has come up on if I count my calories ever and the answer to this is HELL NO!

This is for a few reasons…

A)  I’m not trying to gain or lose weight
B) Counting calls sucks and takes too much time (for me anyway)
C) Were we really meant to count of calories?

I personally go off of feel, AKA – I eat until I’m satisfied.  If I get hungry after I’ve eaten a meal, I’ll eat again.  If I’m not that hungry, I’ll not eat as much or just skip my meal (which very rarely ever happens)

I think it’s better to LEARN how your body works by just LIVING and FEELING it out as our old cavemen ancestors used to do.

In other words, learn how to become more self-sufficient.

I don’t think that man way back when ever stopped and thought, “How many cals is in the piece of meat I’m about to eat?”  It just didn’t happen.

However…  if you’re someone that’s trying to lose weight or gain weight and you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while, it’s probably because you have NO idea on where you’re currently at calorie wise so, I would then recommend counting your cals for at least 5-7 days, but only to get a good sense of where you’re at.

Once you fig that out, if you need to go up or down in terms of your overall numbers based off of your goal, you can.

Overall, you should LEARN how to feel it out so you’re not always having to stop and count out all of your cals.  Who the hell wants to do that?

So there you have it.

A day in my life of eating for a typical TRAINING DAY.

Live, Train, EAT Aggressive

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