Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.51.15 PMFor this week’s Thursday Throwdown I’ve got a “fighter inspired” challenge that features 3 x 3 minute AMRAP Rounds of 3 different unique training set ups.

The reason I say it’s “fighter inspired” is because I’ve set it up in such a way that you’ll be going at it in 3 different 3 minute rounds with a minute break in between, sort of like an actual series of fight rounds.

All will have you pushing your body and mind to the max.

I’m in a “fighter inspired” kind of mood this week since the release of  “The Combat Bundle” so I only felt it was right to have a Fighter-like throwdown 😉

This is a good one so I hope you’re ready to Go H.A.M. with it.

Here’s the break down:

Perform 3 x 3 Minute AMRAP Of:

3 x Barbell Clean and Press @ 185
6 x Burpee Over The Barbell
9 x Toes To Bar
3 x Sandbag Clean and Press @ 120

6 x Burpee Over The Sandbag
9 x Toes To Bar
3 x Kettlebell Clean and Press @ 62

6 x Burpee + KB Deadlifts
9 x Toes To Bar

***SCORE = Total Rounds Completed + Extra Reps (and weight used if different from above)

As you can see there’s a bit of a mix up with the clean and presses as you’ll be swapping in different types of strength implements every round.

Nothing but a barbell, sandbag, and a set of kettlebells (use a set of DB’s if need be).

This will keep you on your toes while you rotate through the objects as the challenge will remain high.

All in good fun.

I challenge YOU to see how many TOTAL rounds + extra reps you can crank out within the 3 separate AMRAPS.

Hey, it’s only 9 total minutes of work 😉


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