Every time I watch a UFC fight on TV I always find myself beyond driven to hit my mma-fighter-186x264workouts harder and clean up my diet even more.

The reason I always get motivated to eat better and train harder is because when I see the fighters on TV , it’s drives me to want to look (and perform) like them.

I won’t lie and say it’s not, because it is.

While it’s NOT the only reason I train or the biggest…

YES! I want to look good.

Who doesn’t want to look good from all of the hard work and dedication they put in??

Don’t YOU??

Having that strong, explosive, athletic and shredded physique…

To be “Warrior Ripped”…

But, like I said it’s not only about looking good, but to be able to

perform just as well.

That’s why I feel MMA fighters are some of the BEST athletes around.

Either way, if you’re interested in looking as good and performing like some of these fighters, I’ve got 4 NO-BS BIG tips for you below…

Let’s dig in…

#1 – Cycle Your Carbs

If you thought cutting your carbs down to zero was the fastest way to getting ripped up and shredded, you’re WRONG.

While you do want to cut back on your carbs a bit, it’s NOT about totally cutting them out.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I fell into the “carbs are the enemy” trap and it wasn’t until I snapped out of it that I started to truly feel, look, and perform better.

If you go “the NO carb” route and do it for too long, that’s when your asking for a bunch of trouble.

Just expect some drops in T, muscle loss, and decreases in your performance with INCREASES in body fat.

Not good.

Instead, you need to FUEL your body for performance and look at carbs as an essential ENERGY source for your workouts.

The simplest thing to do is to rotate your carb intake by only taking in carbs AFTER your training sessions.

If you have days where you don’t train, go low to NO carbs.

That’s a great start to getting ripped while also retaining precious strength and muscle.

#2 – Train With Heavy Weights

This should be a given no matter what your goal is.

STRENGTH is everything and if you want to get shredded up and ripped like a fighter, getting yourself stronger will help make things that much easier.

Simple way to put it is to make sure you train with the “BIG 5” which are the front and back squat, deadlift, overhead press, and pull ups.

Those are the essentials.

And if you want strength, hit those movements with heavy loads with reps ranges of 6 and below.

#3 – Train For Power

Now training for strength is one thing, training for power is another.

One of the big mistakes I often see people make is in how they avoid power all together within their training which is a major mistake.

Strength is about moving heavy sh*t.

Power is about moving FAST so that’s exactly how you have to train it.

For me and my athletes, when it comes to training power I like to mix things into my warm ups via jumps, hops, and skips, but I’ll also train power at the start of my sessions as well will different power based movements like snatches, cleans, as well as other types of specialty jumps and of course, sprints.

Just don’t forget the name of the game which is like I said = To MOVE FAST and with Aggressiveness.

#4 – Make Your Conditioning Count

A common mistake people make when it comes to conditioning work is in how that’s all they do…


For instance, this is what a typical week might look like (hopefully this isn’t your schedule)

Monday – HIIT
Tuesday – Random Circuit from some website
Wed – Random WOD
Thursday – HIIT and another random WOD
Friday – HIIT (again!)

In other words, all of their workouts are HIIT sessions, circuits, or just a bunch of random sh*t thrown together to “kill” your body and make you tired.

That’s NOT going to get you the best results especially if you’re trying to get ripped up and shredded like a fighter.

Instead you’ve got to make your conditioning count.

Good news is, when it comes to conditioning we can be a bit more “chaotic” in design as it is about pushing your different energy systems whether that be anaerobic (sprints) or aerobic (longer distance cardio) in various ways.

For BEST results I typically stick to shorter, HIIT style conditioning sessions that are short and sweet by design.

I say “short and sweet” because if you’re going to be “Going H.A.M.” then you need to truly go as HARD as you can by keeping the INTENSITY high.

The higher the intensity, the LESS you have to do.

It’s not about the old “More is better” attitude that most people have (I used to have this mentality).

It’s about “BETTER is better”.

So, when it comes to conditioning, MAKE IT COUNT.

BONUS Tip – Treat Recovery Like It’s Your Training and Nutrition

Something that’s way too overlooked in this day and age is that of RECOVERY.

No one really talks about sleep, hydration, or “body work”.

It’s all about workouts and special diets right??


TRUTH is, if you’re going to be training hard, you need to recover even harder.

Sleep in my mind is by far #1.

Get yourself at LEAST 6 hours a night if not 7.

8 is ideal but not everyone can seem to fit it in with their “busy” schedules.

With a 7 month old at home I can see how that could be a legit excuse, but I make sleep a priority so I get at least 7 most nights.

How do I do that?

Shut the damn TV off and close my eyes instead of watching that extra hour of BS TV.

Hydration is next which isn’t all that “exciting” to talk about either, but it’s CRITICAL in regards to getting faster results.

If you’re at all a bit dehydrated your body isn’t going to operate at it’s highest level which isn’t good.

I always start my days off with 20 oz of cold purified water with a tsp of Himalayan Sea salt, greens powder, and a slash of lemon juice in it to get myself going.

From there I try to have a bottle at least an arms reach away so I continue to drink liquids all day.

I know that it’s sometimes easy to forget to drink H2O 😉

Something I’ve grown quite fond of as of late has been La Croix sparkling water.

I’ll go through a case of those in a few days 😉

Last but not least is what I like to call “Body Work” which consist of hitting up extra mobility and soft tissue work via foam rolling to help keep your body moving properly.

It’s amazing what rolling on a lacrosse ball or PVC pipe can do for you in terms of recovery.

If you can get yourself a deep massage at least once a month, do it as it’ll be well worth the $$$.

So there you are.

My NO-BS Tips to getting Ripped up and Shredded Like A Fighter.

The tips I shared above will no doubt help you get well on your way
to developing a ripped, muscular, “fighter” look.

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