If I was to get thrown onto a desert island and was given the choice of having just one single strength tool, it would be a close battle between a set of Olympic Rings and a set of Kettlebells.

Since I’m writing a post on kettlebells, I’ll say I’d pick the bells 😉

And in all honesty though, there’s no other strength tool that I’ve used in my life that has had such a HUGE impact on the way I train as well as the type of results I’ve been able to produce.

The Kettlebell has changed the game for me.


The first time I cranked out a full kettlebell session I got CRUSHED.

I can thank my good buddy and fellow BADASS strength coach, Zach Even-Esh for first introducing me to the oh so powerful kettlebell.

After my first time, I was hooked.

However, with all of the different options and overall power that kettlebells bring to your training, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved with kettlebells.

Truth is, I don’t think there’s too many people out there who can walk up to a kettlebell and crank out movements without having a bit of proper coaching and guidance first.

I’ve see a TON of mistakes people make when they train with kettlebells so I wanted to address these as well as offer some other kickass kettlebell Tricks and Tips.

So, what I did in the newsletter I sent out a few days back ask for people to send in their biggest, most wanted kettlebell questions.

Here’s Part I Kettlebell Tricks and Tips…

Here’s Part II of Kettlebell Tricks and Tips…

Also, here’s a few other videos I did on a few of the common mistakes I see being made with kettlebells as well as some coaching cues for the kettlebell clean…

Coaching Cues and Tips for the Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Snatch
Start-Stop Kettlebell Moves
The “BEAST Builder”

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