The year 2010 is almost a close!

This is the final Hardcore Hundred of 2010 but rest assured, there will be many more come 2011!

I decided to pick some real basic movements.  Basic but still brutal!

I also wanted to have a little “20 – 10” them to go along with the New Year and all so I incorporated that in as best as I could as well.

Basically you’ll be hitting 3 rounds of 20 Burpees (I call these “Dirty Burpees”) and Chin Ups.  Notice the technique I use on the Burpees.

Also, make sure with those,  you’re  being as explosive as possible with each rep.

No Crossfit Burpees  😉

After you hit 3 rounds of that superset, you’ll finish you 100 reps off with 10 muscle ups on the rings.  If you do not have rings, use a pull up bar.  If you are unable to get muscle ups, do dips.

This is basic but brutal….


I started to break up the burpees into sets of 5 so I could still get some explosion out of them.

JUST A NOTE – Doing HIGH reps of plyometric exercises often will NOT get you more explosive overall.  You will build up some good conditioning but overtime, your overall power output will suffer.

That’s why you want to focus on staying away from high repetition plyometrics MOST of the time.  I say it’s OK 1 time per week maybe two depending on your training program and goals.

Now, back to the workout…  Focus on moving fast and being efficient.

Just the other day, I caught  an interview one of my boys posted on his blog of one of the most badass strength coaches around, Coach Ethan Reeve, of Wake Forest, and in it, he makes a CRITICAL point about athletes and what makes them truly effective.

To be an ultimate athlete, he states that you must be able to MOVE!

Without mobility, you are NOTHING.  You are of no use!

This is one of the main reasons I love doing these Hardcore Hundred workouts each week is because it forces me to be efficient with my bodyweight strength and abilities.

I have much room to improve!

I know lots of people that can throw around some seriously heavy weight and are jacked to the max but can’t perform a proper bodyweight squat, pull up, or push up.  Plus, I know for a fact that their lateral movement is almost non existent!

This is NO GOOD!

You must force you body to become more mobile by incorporating lots of athletic type bodyweight movements into your program.

I try my best to make sure I use lots of different movements each week in these Hardcore Hundreds!

I hope you find them to be both challenging and effective at getting you more RESULTS!

Now go get after it and KILL IT!

This is the LAST one of 2010!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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