I wanted to devote this whole blog post to telling all my loyal HARDCORE readers about my goals and predictions for 2011.

I see a lot of the top people doing this and I believe telling other people (like YOU) about my goals will help place a ton more pressure and accountability onto my shoulders to make sure I get my goals completed!

You need to do the same!

So, without further adieu, here are my goals and predictions for 2011…

Business Goals

1)      Grow my bootcamp to 100 plus members strong!

First of all, if you don’t know, I run a fitness bootcamp in Omaha NE called, Forged Fit Camp.  We are NOT your average bootcamp.  We are not a health club!  We go against the grain.  We do FITNESS right!  For the people of my camp and myself, its about being a part of a strong family that helps keep each other healthy and fit!  I plan on continuing to grow my bootcamp will full force!

2)      Grow my gym to 80 members strong.

Aside from my bootcamp business, I also run a gym, The Forged Athlete, which focuses more closely on HARDCORE athletic training.  I have serious athletes ranging from high school up to professional.   There are wrestlers, fighters, football, basketball, hockey, and track athletes.  We also have serious military personnel that come through as well as a few “weekend warriors” who don’t play sports but just love training hard and like getting after it!  I plan on growing this business even bigger this coming year.  

***This is my PASSION!***

3) Take The Forged Athlete International

So with my recent travels to Brazil, there have been small talks about starting another gym in Brazil!

Come spring time, I will be traveling back out to Brazil to conduct speed and agility clinics.  In the process, I will be working on opening another Forged Athlete location.  This particular spot would be specifically for the Cuiaba Arsenal Football team.   I look forward to taking that to the next level in 2011!

Physical Goals

1)      Qualify for the Crossfit Games

My training has steadily been going well while training for the games.  It’s been interesting as just a few months ago, my training turned from focusing on the games and back towards playing football again.  Playing professional football over in Brazil took a toll on my body and set me back just a bit.  But, none the less, I will be training my ass off until Regionals and will see what I can do!   Training for Crossfit and football are two totally different types of training, so it has been tough!

2)      Increase the flexibility of my low back and hips

This will be done by adding in “mini” mobility workouts of the day to my routine.  I’ll especially be focusing on my hips and getting them to open up even more.  If I have a weakness, it is a tight and inflexible low back.

3)      Improve Grip Strength

My grip strength needs to improve so I have bought a few pairs of Captain of Crush grippers which I’ll steadily be training with 2-3 times per week!

Now for my predictions for 2011…

My 2011 Predictions…

1)      Most People will stay lazy.

This is 110% fine!  We will take advantage of this!  While people keep staying lazy and wait for things to come their way, we’ll be out MAKING things happen for us!

If you plan on going forward, be the boss of your own future.  Don’t depend on things to just happen!

While others be lazy and wait, we’ll be snatching up the opportunities and making the most of them!

Take Action if you want to make it happen!!

2)      The Hardcore “Warehouse” Style Gym will keep growing more popular

The steady gain in popularity of MMA fighting has helped put HARDCORE style gyms like mine and others a bigger name.

Now it seems they are becoming more popular which is the way to be!

Gym’s that don’t have rules about dead lifting, the music you listen to, or if you have to have sleeves on your shirt should be the rule!

The right gym should allow you to be the warrior you must be in order to get the results you want!  Training is war!  Your gym should allow for it!

My gym and others like it supply a  proper environment for SERIOUS athletes and trainees. 

We make people EARN their membership!

This assures there are no “viruses” that can bring the rest of the members down.  Negative attitudes spread quickly so we avoid that by kicking negative people out!

Serious People that want to get serious with their training should be looking into finding a nice “dungeon” like gym if they really want to take their results further!

If YOU want faster and steadier results, find a HARDCORE Warehouse style gym in your area!

To be honest, most Globo gyms are a WASTE for serious trainees.  There are a few out there that may be alright.

My thoughts to this are if you’re serious, YOU need to step up and find a gym that will actually CHALLENGE you!

Quit being the strongest person in your gym and step up!  Join a gym where you’re the WEAKEST person so you have to fight to earn respect!

A Warehouse / Hardcore gym is the place to be!

3)      Kettlebell Training will continue to grow more popular

First of all, Wow!!!  The biggest loser finally caught on to what really works extremely well for fat loss!  Jillian Micheals also showed off her “knowledge” of training by actually creating her own KB exercise…  (Watch the last 30 or so secs)


This is scary!

The best option for this is to get your ass to a certification course!  Don’t just watch videos and think you are a kettlebell guru!

You will get hurt!

I knew I wasn’t sound in my training when it came to kettlebells so that’s why about 2 years ago, I traveled across the country to learn how to do it!  It takes time to learn!

Speaking of seminars, I’m excited to mention that I’ll be having an advanced bodyweight seminar + Kettlebell Clinic coming up in the spring time with a badass coach / friend!

I can’t give out any other details as of now but be ready for that!

In the meantime, I would look into getting yourself some kettlebells and learn this basic movement===>  The Swing – Powerful in many ways!


Now this coach knows his stuff!

4)      Boot Camps will keep popping up on every corner

When it comes to boot camps, there is definitely not a shortage in these.  When it comes to quality, it’s hard to find!

My first thing to say about boot camps, choose one wisely!  These things are popping up everywhere and just about anyone is teaching them.  Which means there are a lot of crappy trainers that don’t know squat about how to train correctly!

Watch out!

My best advice, look at the community first. What types of members does the bootcamp have?  Are all the people new or have they been around for a while?  I know about a lot of camps in my area that open up and then 3 months later, they are gone.  NO GOOD!

Second thing to look at, Who teaches it?  Are they in shape or should the trainer be in bootcamp themselves?  I say if you’re a trainer training boot camps or anything for that matter, you had better be able to do EVERYTHING you throw at your clients.  Don’t just talk the talk = Walk the walk!

This brings me to my next question, Is there an actual system or method behind the madness???

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked people about their old workouts in other boot camps and the response has been the same…  “Well we would run to there and do push ups, then run over to there and do jumping jacks, and then run there…” Every time it seems that the workout they explain was nothing more than a bunch of stuff thrown together to get people tired.

That’s great an all but there needs to be some sort of system or program followed for progress. 

Following a system or program will help assure PROGRESS and RESULTS 110% of the time!

When there is no system or program, there is no plan.  With no plan means you plan to fail!

So,  if you join a bootcamp, make sure its a legit program and not some thrown together spin off of P90X.

5)      People will continue to waste billions of dollars on crumby supplements.

I don’t know when people will ever realize that supplements are NOT a magic bullet!!!!  If they were, we would have ripped up, lean and mean people walking all over the place!

With the claims some of these companies are making, there should be lots of these people walking around ripped and jacked up!

I don’t see it!  I see fatter people with empty wallets.  It’s a shame!

The cold hard truth is this – there are NO short cuts.  Real results take hard work, commitment, and sacrifice!  You can’t mimic that will a magic supplement!

But, there are supplements that DO WORK with hard work, commitment, and sacrifice!

A product that I have implemented into my boot camps and athletic training programs is called Body By Vi.

If you haven’t heard of this product yet, this will be making a HUGE impact on people’s lives in 2011.

It’s already begun!

Say I jumped on the band wagon or the “MLM train”, but hey, when something changes a person’s life literally in front of my eyes and I know it works – I’m gonna be on it!

And this isn’t just for people looking to lose weight!  This is for anyone that needs good nutrition,which is everyone!

My suggestion is this, before you invest into some NO2 “Blow Your Bench Up Stack” or “Extreme Hardcore Fat Blaster 2000″pill, look into some solid nutrition first!

Some rules to live by: cut out ALL sugars, eliminate all the processed carbs and junk you take in,  and avoid liquid calories from juices, pop, and drinks.

Change your eating habits FIRST, then look into including a solid NUTRITIONAL supplement such as Body by Vi.  Shoot they even host a 90 day Challenge…

No EXCUSES right??

Well, that does it for my goals and predictions!

I hope you enjoyed them and got some good ideas on what to look for in 2011!

Also I hope that if you’re a frequent HARDCORE reader that you hold me to my goals!

I know I’ll be doing everything in my power to help those around me plus get myself to the next level!

You’ve got to want the same and be willing to make it happen as well!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – I would like to know what your thoughts and comments are.  What are YOUR goals and predictions for 2011?

Share em if you got em!