So it’s Monday.

Back to the normal routine right?

Back to being the same person we are every 1st day of the week.

Back right into “the flow of things”.

I say SCREW all of that!

With the end of the year steadily approaching, now is the time when people really start to sit back and just “go with the flow”.

Some people get this mindset that everything should be put off until the new year.

They start to make EXCUSES and use the new year as their alibi.

Not me!  I’m going full force so when 2011 does hit, I’ll be rolling full steam while others are just getting started!

MOMENTUM is key!

Once you got it nothing can stop you!

I think YOU should do likewise and start building up steam as well!!

DON’T just go with the flow!  Use this time while others sit back and wait for the new year to happen to GRAB THE WORLD BY THE BALLS and make things happen yourself!

Whether that be in your job, in the gym, your sport, or within your life, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I was jacked up at my gym today so I decided to video all of my workout.

You’ve probably seen some of the movements in the workout already but I don’t care!

It simple and effective!

I’m working on not going to failure in any of my workouts for the next 3 weeks to gain some much needed strength.

Sometimes it’s good to leave a bit in the tank after each workout.

This video a nice little “mini”training movie for your viewing pleasure!

If you decide to do the workout yourself, attack this workout hard and try to complete it in under 40 mins!


1A) 1 A Power Snatch 3 x 6/arm

2A) Sumo DL 3 x 5

2B) Box Jump 3 x 5

3A) Weighted Pull Ups 3 x 6

3B) Blast Strap / TRX Push Ups 3 x Submax

4A) 15-12-10 of the following:

a) KB Swing

b) Ring Hanging Leg Raises

5A) Core Circuit x 2

a) Rollouts x 30

b) Grappler Rotations x 8/side

c) Plank Hold x max time

Get in and out!

Spend less time in the gym so you have more time to kick ass outside of it!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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PPS – Tomorrow I will be posting my 5 top predictions for 2011 as well as my top 5 personal goals for 2011 so you will NOT want to miss!