What up kids?

Had a good one today!

Feeling GOOOOOD!

Here’s a quick tune to get you fired up and ready to crush shit!  BTW these dudes are coming to Omaha the 14th!  Who’s coming with me???


Here it is – LEAN and MEAN – Week 6 Day 2 – Chain Pressin’

1A) Floor Press with chains 5 x 5

2A) Blast Strap Weighted Push Ups 3 x 8-12

2B) Weight Rope Climbs 3 x Max (Last set did drop set with vest then no vest)

3A) Weighted Dips 3 x S.Max

3B) Mixed Pull Ups 3 x S.Max

4A) KB Snatch 3 x 10/arm

4B) KB 1Arm Swing 3 x 10/arm

I quickly followed the workout with a bad ass recovery shake!

1 cucumber blended with 3 scoops of Prograde Workout with 2 cups of blueberries


You gotta be fueling your body after workouts or all that hard work will go for nothing!

I’m Gearing up for the LEAN and MEAN Challenge!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Make sure you let me know if you’re taking the challenge or not!  Join up the facebook group at this link: