What up!

Here’s a quick video from the last workout.


Now, lets get into TODAY’s workout!

It was a beautiful day out in Omaha NE and I had to take advantage!

If I was you, I would scope out a local high school that has a track, turf field, and stadium steps.

I’ve been running at this local high school in Omaha since I’ve moved here 4 years ago and it’s a perfect fit!

Field turf, tall stadium steps, hurdles to jump over and duck under, and a nice large hill to run up.

Hill sprinting is the best for getting some fat burn going!  I suggest you find a hill and find it quick.

It doesn’t have to be super steep, I say go for 30-45 degrees that stretches for at least 25-30 yards.

Ok, here’s my workout for today – Week 5 Day 4 (Recovery Day) Sprint Machine!

**Extensive Dynamic Warm Up – lunges, crawls, inch worms, various hops, jumps, skips, running form drills, ect

1A) 40 yard build ups x 4  (build up for 20 yards then full speed for 10 yards and die back down)

2A) 20 yard ALL OUT sprints from 3 point stance x 5

3A) 40 yard ALL OUT sprints from 3 point stance x 5

4A) HILL Sprints ALL OUT x 5


Finished with some foam rollin and band stretching.

I’m geared up for this week!  Ready to hit some BIG weights!

I’m deadlifting tomorrow!!!  I won’t get much sleep thinkin about it!  HA HA!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Be sure to check out what’s coming up real soon in June- The Forged Strength Challenge!!!  This will be starting in June and I’ll be taking all contestants who think they can compete for the title.  the winner will get some cool prizes and the best part – IT’S FREE!!!

Keep checking back!