It’s a new week and new day BUT same goal – GET LEAN AND MEAN!!!

Today’s workout is about getting shit done!

Hitting the HEAVY TRAD DEADS!!

1A) Box Jumps 5 x 4

2A) Trap Bar Deads 5 x 5

3A) Sumo RDL 3 x 8

4A) DB Power Lunges 3 x 12

4B) KB Swings 3 x 12

5A) Ab Gauntlet 2.0 tabata style

1. TRX Pike x 20 secs

2. Atomic Push Ups x 20 secs

3. Side Plank Holds R side

4. Side Plank Holds L Side

5. Mountain Climber x 20 secs

6. Pendulum x 20 secs

7. Leg Curls x 20 secs

8. Hip Extensor x 20 secs

You want abs???  Hit this up!!!!  I dont call it a GUANTLET for nothing!

Get Forged Strong!


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