Hey whats up!

I had a great time at the Rockfest concert last week!  Stay tuned for highlights from that!

You gotta check this video out, its Rob Zombie, dude killed it!  This is live at a different concert but he did the same thing at our show, check it out:


The mosh pit got CRAZY!

Ok, back to business!

Hope you’re ready to get back with it!

My week got a little crazy last week but I’m back on track and ready to kick ass!

I hope you’re ready to kick ass too!

We are starting a new phase of workout!  Time to go heavy and get after it again!

I definitely felt it after this workout for sure!

Sled drags at the end killed me!

Gotta always be attacking though!

Here it is kids:

Week 8 – Day 1: Heavy Pull Day


1A) Rack Pulls 8 x 3

2A) 1A Fat Grip DB Snatch 4 x 3-5

2B) Muscle Ups 4 x 6


3A) KB Cleans 3 x 8

3B) KB Rack Drop Lunge 3 x 8/leg

3C) KB Swings 3 x 8

4A) Sled Drags/Pulls 3 x 150′

This was good for the legs!  Gotta hit upper body tomorrow!

Stay up!  Hit up the comments if you got any otherwise NEVER be heard.

Get Forged Strong!