Had a good deload today!

Remember, you ONLY grow when you rest.

Hitting heavy weights is a must BUT you have to allow yourself to recover.

Deload to Explode!

You’ll feel 10x’s stronger the next week!

Deload weeks are a great time to hit movements you may not get to in your normal programs.

Things I need to be doing more of such as:

  • Turkish Gets – great for mobility
  • Windmills – great for stability and mobility

Those are great moves to loosen up and keep mobile.

I’ve been adding them into my warm up recently.

Here’s the workout I hit today:


1A) KB Clean Squat Press 3 x 8/side

2A) BW Dips x Submax

2B) Any BW Pull x Submax

Did set for 6 mins straight

3A) Lunge Jumps 3 x 10 total

3B) KB Swings with bands 3 x 20

4A) Grip and Ab Work


Get Forged Strong!


PS – Keep your eyes open and stay tuned for some really good stuff coming later this week!