What up!

Got the week started off right with a nice deload session.

I was feeling banged up after last week so I’m hitting lighter weights and lots of bodyweight this week.

I’m getting excited for this coming Friday!  Hellyeah is coming to town along with Godsmack and Alice Cooper!!!

Here’s a new one from Hellyeah:


I WILL have footage of the upcoming concert so keep your eyes tuned for that!

Here’s the workout:

1A) Snatch to Overhead Squat 4 x 10

Do 2A) and 2B) for 8 mins straight NO rest

2A) Any Bodyweight Push x Submax

2B) Any Bodyweight Pull x Submax

3A) TRX Single Leg Squats 3 x 15

3B) Scooter Leg Curls 3 x 20

4A) hanging Leg Raise 2 x 12

4B) Russian Twists 2 x 20

4C) Burpee 2 x 10

Various Grip and Abs x 3-4 sets

Foam roll and stretch.

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Get ready to roll!  Come June 5th!  It’s time for LEAN and MEAN challenge!

Let me know your in at forgedathlete@gmail.com