Yesterday I unleashed a project I’ve been putting together for some time now along side my buddy, “Mr. Workout Finishers” Mikey Whitfield.

I used to call him Mike, but he said all the “cool badass’ “ call him Mikey so I now call him Mikey as YOU should start to call him now too…

Anyways, I was pumped beyond belief to finally drop the hammer and get our Hardcore Workout Finishers product out on the market for all of you crazy ass mo fo’s out there to grab and start implementing into your training programs so you can start finishing off your sessions like a true beast!

Along with this came a lot of questions…

When should I use these finishers?

How should I use these finishers?

Can I still build muscle while using finishers?

Are finisher just for fat loss?

Plus more…

While this these questions are all explained within the program, I wanted to let it be known in case you were wondering.

Check out this video with some Hardcore Workout Finishers Q and A…


In addition to these common questions, I wanted to go ahead and tell you more about HOW you can use these Hardcore Workout Finishers to maximize their power and effectiveness:

1) Finishers will help put a big “F-U Stamp” onto the end of your workouts.

To be up front with you, if you don’t like profanity I’m sorry, but that’s how I am.

I approach my training sessions will full unwarranted AGGRESSION and RELENTLESS INTENSITY.

This mindset alone will help you get more results and one of the best ways to implement this in is thru Hardcore Workout Finishers.

The fact is, you need to be ending your training sessions off right.  Just like anything else, you need to go out with a bang!  The perfect way to make sure and get this done is by ending out your sessions with a solid finisher.

Think of these finishers as the perfect way to CONQUER your training session…

Don’t let a workout conquer you…  Instead, CONQUER your training session by finishing them off on a STRONG note!

2) Challenge Yourself!

One of the best ways I use hardcore workout finishers is by turning them into a challenge.

For example, if we were using The Hardcore 250 as our finisher, I may get everyone I’m training with together and we would all finish off our training session with a nice challenge via the Hardcore 250 and race each other to see who could finish off the fastest.

If I was alone I would time myself and compete against the clock.

Adding in a finisher as a challenge helps create a competitive atmosphere that will no doubt push you further then if you to go alone without a challenge.

A challenge will always help you bring out your best.

3) Test / Re-Test

Another way you can use Hardcore Workout Finishers is by using them as a way to measure overall progress.

If you’re not currently tracking your progress via how much weight you lift, how long workouts take to finish, ect you had better start.

When ever I do a finisher, I always keep track of the weight I use, the time it takes for me to complete the finisher, as well as any other info I can track that I’ll be able to use later on down the road.

I do this so next time I hit the same finisher, I can test and re-test my progress.

You should always be progressing by getting a faster time or using heavier weights within your finishers.  If you’re not progressing, this gives a good heads up to switch stuff up within your main workout.

Bottom Line – Finishers are a great way to keep tabs on your overall progress.  The more ways you can track this, the better your results will be in the end.

4) Finishers are the perfect EXCUSE Breakers

Nothing makes me more mad then when I hear people say “I didn’t have time to train”.

First of all, if getting stronger, more jacked and ripped up is your goal, you MAKE time to train.  It’s your responsibility to find a way to get it done.  If not, then I guess getting results isn’t that important to you…

Now, I understand that some people just don’t have an hour or more to free up during their busy work days to get in a full workout.  I know because I too find myself busy as heck as well and I know how tough it can be.

When I find myself in this type of situation, I make the most out of the time I have.

The secret?

FAST and EFFECTIVE workouts!  Hardcore Workout Finishers work great for this since most of them are short and to the point.  Finishers are designed to be quick and fast.

I know everyone can find 4-6 mins to free up during their day no matter how busy they say they are 😉

What I’ve done on days where I literally had no time at all to train was do a few rounds of a hardcore finisher.

I would just pick one and go!

Within 10 mins I was done and had gotten in enough work to be set for the day.  Now obviously this isn’t the only thing I would want to do all the time, but if you’re short on time, you make due with what you got!

This is exactly how Hardcore Finishers are great at eliminating those pesky little EXCUSES that too many people seem to let get in their way.


5) Mix It Up!

The final way I want to express HOW to use Hardcore Finishers is by using them as a means to simply mix things up.

BREAK the F*CKING rules every now and then!

I can’t believe how many people out there limit themselves and their results by always sticking to the book.  If you always follow the rules, you’ll never experience the real gains you can accomplish.

If you want to see some major changes and progress occur, you’ve got to be an outlaw and mix things up a bit.

Go against the grain and you’ll like what you discover.

The world is not a perfect place and the truth is,  it’s completely CHAOTIC so it’s cool to color outside the lines every now and then.

One of the best ways to do so is by implementing in some Hardcore Workout Finishers.

If you’re not currently using finishers at the end of your workouts, it’s time to mix it up and implement them in ASAP!

You’ll be glad once you do!

Now, for all you crazy mo fo’s that haven’t taken advantage of the KILLER DEAL that Mikey and I have going on with our Hardcore Workout Finishers package yet, you still have time to get the whole enchilada for less then $20!

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Keep Living and Training Aggressive!