For this week’s Thrusday Throwdown I just couldn’t help myself but steal one straight out of my 31 Hardcore Workout Finishers manual and use it for today’s throwdown.

hardcore workout finishersBefore I get into what this week’s throwdown is exactly, let me first tell you about yet another CHALLENGE I’m laying out there for one of you hardcore mo fo’s reading this right now to take on and conquer.

I’ve been getting such a great responses in regards to Mike Whitfield’s and I Hardcore Workout Finishers program that I want to give away another FR*EE package!

But nothing in life ever comes for free!

You’ll have to EARN IT.


It’s real easy…

Be the FIRST person to do the Throwdown and post it up to YouTube and after you do the finisher, I want you to explain WHY you deserve to win it on video.

You must also include the following info:

For the TITLE: – Hardcore Workout Finishers Challenge 2.0

In the description put: For more hardcore workout finishers, go to –

Travis Stoetzel – Thursday Throwdown Hardcore Finishers Challenge

***Make sure to include YOUR final time w/ in the description***


All ya gotta do it get after it, tell us WHY you deserve to win and that’s it!

Do the following Thursday Throwdown and post up the video URL in the comments below.

We’re not going to take the fastest overall time on this one rather we’re going to choose the winner based off of who takes action the FASTEST and gets sh*t done!

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Throwdown Challenge:


Finisher #26 “Swinging Worms” taken out of the 31 Hardcore Workout Finishers Manual

Perform a Descending Ladder with the following 2 movements until
you reach 1 rep starting with 10 reps.

1A) Inch Worm w/ Push Ups x 10, 9, 8, 7… 1
1B) Kettlebell Swings w/ 70# x 10, 9, 8, 7… 1

If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use the alternate movements I showed in the video with either dumbbells or weight plates.

Now all you gotta do is go 110% H.A.M. on this challenge and make it happen!  Be the FIRST to post up your video below and you could WIN!  

Live and Train Aggressive!

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