I just finished up a NEW Aggressive Strength Method training phase this week and so I decided for today’s session, I would do a little bit of freestylin’ before I cut into my deload week next week.

I like to do free-style workouts at the end of phases when I’ve finished up my planned workouts just to change things up a bit.

Basically what a “FREE-STYLE” session is, is a session that’s still TOUGH and very INTENSE, it’s NOT so laid back that it’s a deload.  It’s just a random, go f*#king H.A.M. training session.

These are fun as I dig into some of the things I may have neglected a bit during my regular phase.

What I typically do is follow a set program for at least 3-4 weeks then take a nice deload week before I start a new phase of training.

The only things that changes on a regular basis within a phase is the conditioning I do at the end of sessions.

If I have 4 days programmed into my training phase, the first parts of the session stay the same, then at the end of the session, I’ll typically do what ever I want in regards to conditioning, grip work, and abs.

This type of set up has been working wonders.

So for example, I’ll do a different Thursday Throwdown each week as well as end my sessions out with different types of Hardcore Finishers.

So, Monday might be a squat day, Tuesday and heavy press, Thursday a deadlift day, then Friday or Saturday a heavy upper body pull day.

All of those days will stay the same in regards to the main movements being done, but the conditioning session at the end will continually change.

This keeps things fresh, interesting, and continually challenges me.

The major mistake most lifters make is they make every sessions a “free-style” session. 

Depending on your fitness level and ability to program workouts and truly feel and know what your body exactly needs, this will not get you the results you’re looking for, especially if you’re more of a beginner.

I believe there needs to be some sort of consistent strength and assistance work programmed into your training in order to get continued progress.

When it comes to conditioning, it can change.

That’s just my two cents on free-stylin’ workouts so you can take it or leave it.

Here’s what I did for the day:

[embedplusvideo height=”309″ width=”500″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/-xZK_laB0C4?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=-xZK_laB0C4&width=500&height=309&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2796″ /]

1A)  Box Step Jumps 8 x 2 / leg

1B)  Stone Pick Ups 4 x 2 (after every 2 sets of step jumps)

2A) Double Kettlebell Complex x 6 Rounds

  1. KB Clean x 5
  2. KB Snatch x 5
  3. KB Push Press x 5
  4. KB Front Squat x 5
  5. KB Swing x 5

I tried to take only about 60-90 secs between rounds.  Complexes are BRUTAL!

My grip was toast just afer round 4!

3A) Tire Sprints x 6 Rounds x 30 yards

3B) Toes To Bar x 20 after every two rounds of sprints

And that’s it!

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Even though this freestyle session was pretty  basic, it was damn TOUGH.

My goal for every session I do is to get under 60 mins of work UNLESS I’m training highly skilled movements like Olympic Lifts with the Barbell.

This last phase was heavily focused in on Olympic Lifting and if you know anything about the Olympic Lifts, it takes time to master them!

I’ve got plenty of work to do on these.

Bottom Line, it was good to get away from the barbell for a session or two and I plan on hitting another freestyle session either tomorrow or Sunday then it’s DELOAD week for me next week!

Go ahead and post up your thoughts and comments on FREE-STYLE workouts.  Do YOU do them?  Do you do them too much?  If I can get enough comments and LIKES on this post, I put up my next FREE-STYLE session!

Keep Livin’ and Trainin’ Aggressive!