Just the other day I had the privilege of interviewing my friend and fellow strength and conditioning specialist, Yuri Elkaim.

I met Yuri about a year ago and since then we’ve stayed in pretty good contact with one another in regards to nutrition and sports performance.

Yuri’s a specialist when it comes to nutrition, especially when it has to deal with increasing your performance, improving recovery, and increasing your energy.

Who doesn’t want ALL of those things?

As I mentioned above, I finally got him on the line to do an interview with me and the info Yuri unleashed in this 50+ min Skype interrogation was absolutely kickass! (See Video Below)

When you train 110% H.A.M. day in and day out, your NUTRITION is #1.

Yuri hits on some very important points within the interview I posted below on how to help increase your ability to train at a high level day in and day out by making some small tweaks with your pre and post workout nutrition.

For me, I’m continually out learning new things about training and nutrition and some of the tips and bits of info Yuri shared within this call were very eye opening.   With this, I know YOU’LL definitely be learning some new things that you can apply immediately into your own nutrition that will help improve results.

Something you should always keep within your own mind is the fact that You can NEVER stop learning…  Don’t ever go thinking “you know it all” because when you start to think this, you’ll cease to improve and progress forward with your knowledge and results.

So, with that being said, go ahead and take the time to watch the video below.  Grab a few sheets of paper, make yourself a Green Drink, and take some notes!

(Sorry for the audio in some parts – There’s a few parts that are a bit muffled)

Go ahead and leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.  Yuri will be happy to reply back with his feedback!

Always Live and Train Aggressive! 

PS – If the video interview wasn’t enough, Yuri wanted me to give you this FREE REPORT as well!

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