When you say you’re going to do something, there’s no other way to validate it than through your consistent and relentless amount of ACTION.

My man Tony S is a prime example of what can happen when you Go 110% ALL IN on yourself and back up what you say you’re going to do and DO IT.

Just a month ago, Tony was “always too busy” for himself.

He had little to no desire to do much of anything.

He had hit the HEAVIEST weight he had ever been in life and it was, in his words, “DEFEATING”.

His confidence was at an all-time low and he was at his wit’s end.

Then, he scrolled upon an AD for Forged FATHER.

He saw the picture of me and thought to himself, “NEVER…  I wouldn’t be able to achieve that”.

He looked at the other before and after pics and started to this it looked too good to be true…

He then thought the program itself might have been a SCAM.

Or it was probably just some sort of gimmick, after-all, Tony had tried P90x’s, T25, and Insanity…

He had a bunch of workout equipment at home…

He wasted $5K on a home treadmill and workout station…

How would this “Forged FATHER” project be any different from the other crap that was out there?

Well, fast forward to today, Tony’s beyond happy that he made the decision follow-through and make a change for himself.

Just 4 weeks into the program, Tony has dropped 24 lbs and 2 belt sizes.

He’s now got more energy than ever and his confidence is through the roof!

He’s got a better connection with his kids as he’s more active with them and he’s actually EXCITED to workout and push his body every day.

Long story short, Tony has got back his EDGE in life.

This is just the BEGINNING of something amazing…

I can’t wait to see what Tony achieves next.

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