Again, another week down, another HARDCORE HUNDRED!

This week has been rough for me.  I won’t lie.

I have been beating my body up real good for the last 6 weeks without a proper de-load.

I’m a HUGE believer of proper rest and recovery.

I foam roll every day, even at night when I’m at home watching DVD’s or Football games, I’m rolling out and hitting my trigger points – Hips, back, traps, quads, calves, ect…

I stretch 3 times a day or when ever I find a down time, I hit a few stretches.

I drink tons of water and eat as clean as possible.

Sometimes you think you have ALL your bases covered but there’s always going to be a small gap opened up somewhere.

I tweaked my back really good a few days ago.  It was SCARY.

I’ve NEVER in my life felt this before.  I was in excruciating pain!

I could barely stand up!  I immediately called my Chiropractor and went in for a check up.

Everything looks good but I have to take it easy for the next week or so.  This is a great time for me to de-load!

For me this is SO hard.  I want to go 110% ALL THE TIME!

I have a difficult time cutting back but it must be done!

Don’t be like most people and listen to most trainers that claim “More is Better” because it’s NOT!

Hit just enough and cut back.  If you can learn how this “give and take” relationship works with training, you’re in for a ton of results!

So for the next week or so…

  • NO heavy lifting
  • NO loading of the spine (deadlifts, squats, overhead presses)
  • NO Ballistic type jumps or hops

I’ll be foam rolling a ton, drinking plenty of fluids, and hitting different types of bodyweight movements.

Just another quick note about these Hardcore hundred workouts…  I’ve gotten this question a TON from a lot of you wondering if you can hit these everyday or with you daily workout.

The answer is this – hit these as a “supplemental” challenge to your normal workouts.

These Hardcore Hundred workouts should be quick and extremely fast.  If you have a ton of trouble with them, use them as a separate workout.  Otherwise, they are designed to be a short challenge workout…

With that being said,  this weeks edition of the Hardcore Hundred, it’s ALL upper body based!   I’ve got to let the back heal up!

Check it….


1A) Close Grip Pull Ups x 25

1B) Close Grip Push Ups x 25

1C) Wide Grip Push Ups x 25

1D) Wide Grip Pull Ups x 25

Get after it!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Please leave your comments and any questions you may have!