I hear too many people use the EXCUSE that just because it’s the weekend they have no time to train…

This is a bunch of BS!

If you’re serious about getting strong, lean and mean, you can’t use EXCUSES like these!

Instead, you need to MAKE time to train!

No one is too busy for a quick 10-20 min workout, especially when it’s all bodyweight based.

I have a little challenge for all of you HARDCORE readers out there.

The good news is that this challenge is ALL bodyweight so you shouldn’t have an opt out for this workout…

Find at least 10-20 mins this weekend and hit this Weekend Warrior Workout Challenge below…

For 20 mins – get as many rounds as possible:

1A) Burpee x 6
1B) Push Ups x 12
1C) Pull Ups x 6
1D) Squat Jump x 12
1E) Sprint 50 yards and back x 1

No equipment required so NO excuses!

If you don’t have 20 mins, do it for 10!

Either way, fit it in!

If you hit this workout, make sure you leave your score in the comments section!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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