Building Strength and Muscle – Tons OF Things You Can Do With A Rope

When I hung my first climbing rope in my gym, there was about 6 extra feet hanging from the bottom.

So instead of cutting the extra few feet off and tossing the rope away, I knew I could find a bunch of different uses for the extra piece of rope.

Not only can you do a lot with a simple piece of extra rope, you can build up some serious strength and muscle as well as grip!

When you train with any type of rope, you will develop a ton of hand and grip strength simply by having to hold on to the rope.

All in good fun!

Here’s a few of the variations of different things you can do with an extra bit of rope!

1)      Rope Pull Ups

2)      Rope Face Pulls

3)      Rope Deadlifts

4)      Rope 1 Arm Curls

5)      Rope Curls

6)      Rope Front Raises

7)      Rope Farmer Carries

8)      Rope Swings

10)   Rope 1A Overhead Press

11)   Rope 1A Bent Rows

Here’s a few kickass videos!



Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Strength In Numbers!

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