This weeks HARDCORE HUNDRED is coming straight at you sidewayz!

To many athlete’s forget to focus in on training LATERAL movements.

We all tend to focus in on the forward and backward training movements but are quick to leave out lateral movements such as Cossack Squats, Lateral Lunges, Side to Side hops, and others lateral movements.

When we neglect these types of movemetns, that’s when you start to see more and more injuries occur with things such as ACL tears and MCL tears.

We become weak in these movements and when we are in competition, going full speed, we see these different types of injuries as a cause of our weaknesses in lateral movements.

We’ve got to STOP this weakness from occurring!

Crush this “weakness” by including lateral movements into your training program!

Check out the video…


NOT everyone can be HARDCORE and hit the weekly HUNDRED!

Go out and get it done!

Hardcore Hundred – Number 6

1A) 25 Barrier Jumps  (Over and Back = 1 rep)

1B) 25 Side To Side Pull Ups

1C) 25 Cossack Squats ( 25/leg)

1D) 25 Side To Side Push Ups  (Around the World)

So, you feeling STRONGER than usual???

Hit this 2 times in a row!!!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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